Installing new windows isn’t just a great way to improve the usability and efficiency your home. It’s also the perfect way to increase your curb appeal. Consider these 10 attractive window styles during your next update.

  1. Casement. Casement windows use side hinges to swing outward, opening and closing with the turn of a handle. This window construction is perfect for hard-to-reach spots around your home, like over the kitchen sink or fireplace mantle. The design of casement windows is aesthetically neutral, making it an easy fit for most homes.

Modern Bathroom by DesignMine Private Gallery
  1. Awning. Awning windows are top-hinged and swing outward from the bottom. Many homeowners use awning designs to add an interesting twist to their home’s exterior. The construction of awning windows will also allow more natural light into your home.
  1. Double-hung. Double-hung windows are common. The movable upper and lower portions of double-hung designs allow for easy adjustment and improved ventilation. The sashes also lean inward, which makes cleaning and replacement easier.
  1. Single-hung. Single-hung windows are raised from the bottom to allow air into your home. Single-hung sashes are stationary, which can make cleaning more difficult. The single-hung aesthetic will give any home a classic look.
  1. Sliding. Sliding windows move horizontally on a track. This window design is perfect for large windows and provides easy access to outside air. Sliding windows work particularly well in modern or contemporary homes. Many sliding designs have removable sashes that simplify cleaning.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room by American Thermal Window Products, Inc. in Chicago, IL
  1. Bay. Bay windows consist of a large center window surrounded by casement or double-hung windows. The bay design is synonymous with classic elegance, and it pairs particularly well with traditional and rustic designs. Installing bay windows can require additional construction and structural upgrades. Talk to a pro before adding bay windows to your home.
  1. Bow. Bow designs include four or more windows joined together in an arc or semi-circle. Bow windows are popular in breakfast nooks and additional seating areas. Like bay windows, installing bow windows will require more construction than other designs. It’s best to talk to a pro before installing bow windows.
    1. Special shapes. Specially shaped windows will add visual interest to your home, but they won’t likely open. Installing oddly shaped windows can cost more than installing conventional designs, and it will also require a longer completion timeline.
      1. Transom. Transom windows are usually located above or below primary windows. Many homeowners use transoms to enlarge existing smaller windows. Transom windows also come in vented and fixed models.
      1. Custom. Custom designs are ideal for unusual architectural features or home designs. Many window manufacturers will help you develop the perfect design and construction for your home. Custom windows are considerably more expensive than conventional options.

Finishes and Colors

Contemporary Family Room by Brighton Enterprises, Inc. in Clarksville, MD

Windows come in a variety of finishes and colors, making it easy to complement the interior and exterior of your home. Colored windows are a growing trend. Black interior windows are a particularly stunning option in lightly colored rooms. Exterior windows also come in several colors that will turn your ordinary windows into eye-catching exterior focal points.

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