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Are you tired of the same old bathroom setup? Your basic countertop, sink, and mirror often come in standardized forms for easy installation, maintenance, and cost-effectiveness, but they often lack personality and character. This is why people often in invest so much time and money in bathroom remodels in order to get away from the lackluster appearance of conventional interior design. A simple way to give your bathroom some pizzazz is with bathroom vanities, which are often inexpensive and quickly transform a room’s look.

Always in Fashion

The reason vanities have become so popular is because they’ve never gone out of style. They have been around since the beginning of civilization. They were used by ancient societies, such as the Greeks and Egyptians, because of their function and beauty. Often used in upper-class cultures, bathroom vanities have always been a symbol of status and distinction because of their elegant look and unique design. This remains true to this day except now they are accessible to everyone due to their affordable prices and abundance of styles.

Give It Some Personality

Every house and homeowner has their own distinct style. One of the advantages of vanities is that they are available in many shapes and sizes. Therefore, anyone is able to select the style of their choice in order to match the rest of their home’s decor. They can be contemporary (made from steel and glass); they can be traditional (classic antique and Victorian styles made from wood and stone); or they can come in more unique forms tailored to your personal tastes: maybe you want an Asian influence, a convenient old-world cabinet design, or something that looks modern and old-fashioned at the same time. Since there are an infinite number of styles out there, there are limitless choices.

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Form Meeting Function

Of course vanities are chic and beautiful, but what are they good for beyond visual appeal? Unlike conventional countertops and sinks, bathroom vanities are actually more efficient. Since they are often designed to be decorative and free-standing, they are often built for subtlety. Therefore, they are usually smaller in order to be self-contained, giving your bathroom more space. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, so things can quickly become cramped, especially in larger households. Vanities give its occupants more room to breathe due to its intentional lack of parts. Most simply come with a detached sink, a mirror, and small shelving units or a modest countertop, allowing movement and square footage to the room. If you’re worried about the lack of storage space, investing in a custom medicine cabinet can remedy this problem while still creating a stylish appearance.

Make It Yours
No matter how you remodel your bathroom, always allow it to become a reflection of your own personality. Though it may sound strange that a bathroom can become a personal statement, oddly enough they are typically the most thought-out part of the house. Everybody uses them everyday, so why not take the time to make them comfortable and relaxing, and these vanities are the most economical way to achieve this idea quickly and without excessive costs.

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