Increase Your Home’s Value with a New Roof

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Updated December 3, 2019

New tile roof

New roofing gives you the opportunity to cut cooling costs while improving curb appeal and resale value.

New roofing probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about home improvements that increase home value. But research done by Remodeling Magazine reveals that having new roofing installed can have a big impact on home value –specifically on home resale value.

New roofing scores high in recent cost vs. value survey

Every year, Remodeling Magazine conducts an extensive survey that compares the return on investment for a wide range of home improvements. Bathroom remodels, basement finishing, new decks, replacement windows and garage additions are among the many remodeling projects included in the survey. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost vs. Value Report, a new roof increases home resale value by a national average of nearly $12,000. The survey also revealed that homeowners who have new roofing installed can expect to recover an average of 62.9% of the installation cost through increased home value. This statistic puts new roofing ahead of building a bathroom addition or installing a backup power generator in terms of ROI.

5 Reasons to Install a New Roof

  1. Improved resale value. As mentioned above, installing a new roof increases home value by almost $12,000, according to the latest cost vs. value survey.
  2. Excellent appearance upgrade. New architectural-grade asphalt shingles provide texture and color options that are truly amazing. Who would have thought you could duplicate the appearance of a rustic slate roof using asphalt shingles? It’s possible with the selection of high-grade asphalt shingles available today.
  3. Longer warranties. Standard warranties for asphalt shingles used to be 15-20 years. Premium-quality asphalt shingles today offer warranties as long as 50 years.
  4. Cool roof technology. Believe it or not, some types of asphalt roof shingles have an ENERGY STAR® rating because they are designed to reflect solar heat, thereby reducing cooling costs.
  5. Avoiding building inspection issues. When a house goes on the market, the roof is one of the most visible features –not just to prospective home buyers but also to building appraisers and inspectors. A roof in poor condition can stop a home sale dead in its tracks. That’s why it’s smart to replace an old roof with a new one.

A new roof is a big investment and you should take the time to find a trustworthy roofing contractor to complete the job. We advise hiring a great roofer over the most affordable rate. How much should you expect a new roof cost? The investment varies depending on your location. Compare quotes from at least three local roofing installers to find the best price.


  1. Tommy Seilheimer, October 19:

    Excellent article! Had a question. Would you go with Slate or Cedar roofing in terms of the best curb appeal? I am talking about natural slate and cedar, not the plastic versions.

  2. Douglas Darlington, April 9:

    We are having a new roof installed later this month (April). We are contemplating a Lifetime, Non-Prorated warranty and are wondering if it is a good idea. It is transferrable, covers materials, labor and disposal for any damage (except a tree falling on the roof) up to 130 mile an hour winds. Being in Orlando, that would me highly unlikely except for a tornado. Does the warranty boost the asking price when selling? Would it be smart since our Hurricane deductible is 2% or about $8900 should a major storm hit?

  3. Tucker Adamson, January 22:

    Natural slate roofing has been proven to last over 100+ years and sometime longer than 200 years. Although the upfront cost of slate can be costly, the proven value to the house is well worth the investment.

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