Best Garden Vegetables to Grow

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Updated February 3, 2021

Raised garden beds growing vegetables

HomeAdvisor’s Best Garden Vegetables Guide details a few vegetables good for alternative gardening settings. The nine plants chosen to be the most suitable for odd gardens were picked based on their required maintenance level, yield, and plant size. Vegetables best to grow in raised beds are carrots, kale, and potatoes. The best vegetables for container gardening were found to be beans, cucumber, eggplant, peas, sweet peppers, and tomatoes.

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Best Garden Vegetables

Plant Best for
Carrot Compact plant size, high yield
Kale Long growing season, small roots
Potato Easy to care for, high yield

A vegetable garden provides a very useful product. For professional help with maintaining your fruitful venture, hire lawn and garden care workers! When first setting up your yard’s layout, perhaps factor in the price of landscape designer expertise.

Best Vegetables to Grow in Raised Beds

Kale produces far into the autumn, and can grow strong even throughout winter if covered. Kale has a small root system and can successfully grow for multiple seasons.

Requiring loose, nutrient dense soil, carrots grow larger in size in raised beds than when grown in level ground. Smaller carrot varieties can be grown close together, allowing for high yields of vegetables.

An easy to grow option, potatoes flourish in raised beds. Similar to carrots, many potatoes can be grown in one season.

Research local garden designers who can assist in deciding where in your yard raised beds best fit. To add a decorative touch to your beds that also promotes growth, consider the cost of mulch delivery.

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Best Vegetables for Container Gardening

Plant Best for
Bean Wide containers, sunny climates
Cucumber Low maintenance, diverse tastes
Eggplant Small plant size, sunny climates
Pea Low maintenance, quick growth
Sweet Pepper Compact size, wet climates
Tomato High yield, sunny climates

Not all vegetables are suitable for growing in small containers, though a few that are do exist. Regardless of the size of a plant or its container, find gardening and yard work help near you if needed.

Best Vegetables to Grow in Pots

Tomatoes may need a stake for support, though many cultivars grow just fine in pots under direct sunlight. Tomatoes often produce high yields of fruits.

Eggplants likewise usually require support, and must have lots of exposure to the sun. Smaller varieties are nonetheless perfect for growth in pots.

Many types of cucumber, which come in a range of flavors, are appropriate to grow in pots with little effort. These refreshing vegetables are crispiest and juiciest when picked fresh.

Vegetables which grow best in pots have shallow root systems and often require rich soil that drains well. And despite not being in the ground, your potted vegetable plants still pass as a garden, so be mindful of the cost of lawn and garden maintenance.

Best Vegetables to Grow Indoors

Beans need about a foot of soil, but climb higher than they grow deep. Therefore, beans require supports and about six hours of sunlight daily to grow.

Sweet peppers come in compact varieties that don’t require much room to grow. Regardless of plant size, well drained soil and consistent watering are important for ideal sweet pepper yields.

Peas are great for cycling along with other vegetables, and are low maintenance. Peas add nitrogen to soil and grow quickly.

Even when growing plants indoors, you might enlist the help of local gardeners to grow the best vegetables you can. Contemplate using containers besides pots to match the best growing conditions of your indoor plants.

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