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Guide to Room-by-Room Repairs for Easy Accessibility for Disabled Loved Ones

Across the globe, there are more than a billion people living with a disability. From mobility issues to cognitive impairment, disabilities affect many people’s lives, whether by living with or loving someone who is differently-abled. Would you like to have your home professionally remodeled to adapt to your loved one’s needs? Are you considering tackling…

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Heart of the Home Graphic

The Heart of the (TV) Home: 8 Floor Plans from Famous Kitchens

Are you remodeling your kitchen and looking for inspiration? Since the advent of television, our favorite shows have both reflected and inspired interior design trends. Just like in real life, the TV kitchen is the heart of the home. We decided to recreate some of the most well-known and iconic television kitchens to give you…

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Smart speakers hidden in the ceiling in home in Brooklyn, New York.

Incorporating Smart Home Technology Into an Historic Home

I’ve written about home remodeling and design for decades. But the renovation of a nineteenth century Brooklyn brownstone, — my home, where I live with my wife and kids — was my first chance to put that knowledge and experience to a personal test. Our goal was to create an elegant home that would also…

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Modern open-concept home with wood ceiling and natural elements

Best Home Trends of 2017

This year, there were enough inspiring decor and remodel trends to make you want a complete home makeover. However, not all of those trends are made to last. Before you plan a renovation or buy a piece of fashionable hardware, look into the future. Will that color make you happy a few years from now?…

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Bathtub and shower in new luxury home

How to Build a Custom Tiled Shower Pan

Whether you’re a weekend warrior intent on doing it yourself, or researching your options before hiring a professional, one thing you need to know is this: At the heart of every gorgeously tiled shower is a sturdy shower pan. This custom-built pan provides the necessary base over which to lay tile. While prefabricated pans are…

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glass framed and fiberglass pan shower

How to Install a Fiberglass or Acrylic Shower Pan

When plumbing and tile work is involved, bathroom renovations like installing a new tub or shower can be quite labor intensive. But for homeowners who want a faster, easier alternative to custom tile, prefabricated showers are great. Although the installation process for pre-fab bases does not differ from tile, it is lighter, faster, and less…

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Extraordinary Man Cave Renovations

Whether you live with family, roommates or by yourself, there are always distractions. It helps to have a separate space to escape to. A place where you can zero out the noise of the day and focus on a creative project, relax and unwind, or cultivate a hobby: a “man cave.” Here are a few…

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If 7 Film Directors Designed Your Bedroom

Redesigning your bedroom? What better place to look for inspiration than from your favorite movies, directed by some of the most renowned filmmakers of our time? Each of the below directors is known for their visual style and celebrated for designing unforgettable spaces. If you want a unique bedroom inspired by the movies, these designs…

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