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Dream Remodel, Real-Life Budget

Just because your remodeling budget is small doesn’t mean you have to give up your big remodeling ideas. You can still have the perfect new kitchen, bathroom, or basement–you just have to choose your options carefully. Follow these insider tips to realize a dream remodel or addition on a realistic budget. 1. Use laminate flooring…

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Open Living Room

Surviving the Remodeling Process

“Remodeling”: For many, the word evokes thoughts of soaring entryways, magazine-cover kitchens, and half-acre bathrooms. Unfortunately, it also brings to mind a sense of invasion, dread, and chaos. As our homes age, it makes more and more sense to bring things up-to-date by remodeling. It’s more cost-effective than moving and is usually far less disruptive….

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Small Kitchen Ideas

Small Kitchen Remodeling Solutions

Kitchen remodeling ranks among the most popular remodeling projects each year, as kitchens have become the functional and social hubs for many families. Almost every kitchen has a design flaw or something that can be changed to make the space more workable. However, no challenge is quite as difficult as reworking a small kitchen space….

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Digitalization. Cheerful and positive senior woman in wheelchair using laptop

Remodel for Senior Living: Keeping Things Rolling Along

As homeowners grow older, good remodeling design may be the difference between being able to live independently and having to move to a senior living facility. Years ago, the home design needs of seniors was not often taken into consideration. Now, just about everyone is looking at the way homes are designed and realizing how…

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Finished Basement

What to Expect with Your Basement Contractor

Finishing your basement makes a lot of sense if you want additional living space. For one thing, the space is already there; turning existing space that isn’t being used into a bedroom, second living room, or small apartment is always more cost-effective than adding on to the house or creating an additional story. Basement remodeling…

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Remodeled Space

Don’t Skip the Most Important Remodeling Step

For major projects and renovations the first remodeling step is likely to be an evaluation of your home’s floor plan. Homeowners looking to build a custom home or planning a major remodel or addition could avoid critical and often costly design mistakes if only they spent as much time considering the floor plan as they…

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Upgraded Modern Kitchen

Creating an Ideal Kitchen

Today’s kitchens serve as more than just places to cook up dinner. Modern kitchens are more and more often the home’s central gathering place, an area where families socialize and spend time together as much as they actually sit down for meals. Kitchen makeovers are one of the most popular home remodels in the business…

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Remodeled Basement

Estimates for Home Remodels and Additions

Home addition estimates are tricky business. Truth be told, there are too many variables involved in a major remodeling project or room addition for any contractor to provide a specific square foot price ahead of time, and all free estimates should be considered just that: estimates. Not only must your contractor consider structural aspects, such…

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Contractor Licensing Requirements

The Best Way to a Smooth Remodeling Project

For the die hard do-it-yourselfer, remodeling advice is likely to consist of technical guidance and product specs. For those who are hiring a contractor for their project, the best remodeling advice is not describing how something is built, but how to create a successful homeowner-contractor relationship. There is a right and wrong way to approach…

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Remodeled Living Room

How to Recoup Remodeling & Addition Investments

When undertaking large remodeling and home addition projects, it is smart to research your local real estate market to find out if your project will return your investment when it is time to sell. Depending on where you live, the right project may return 100% of your investment. That is why research is the smartest…

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