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Aging in Place

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Home Services to Help Aging in Place

Aging in Place refers to remaining in the home you love for as long as you possibly can. But in order to remain there, you will need access to assistance and other services. While HomeAdvisor connects you to home improvement services, it also wants to help you find the other services you need.

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Aging at Home: Common Problems & Solutions

As we get older, many of our homes no longer work as well for us. But most of us want to remain in the homes we love. Fortunately, there are many solutions. There are trained experts in home modification all over the country. There are also new tools to address the specific issues of aging.

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Aging in Place Statistics

HomeAdvisor Insights Forum: Aging In Place Survey Report

Only a small number of the 78 million baby boomers entering or approaching retirement are preparing their homes to accommodate them in their later years. Information and resources are necessary to raise awareness about aging-in-place home modifications and to educate both homeowners and home professionals.

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Grants for Home Modification: 16 Resources for Homeowners with Disabilities

If you have accessibility needs, you can stay where you’re comfortable with home modification. A growing number of service professionals and designers are focused on making home convenient for all abilities. This means more opportunity than ever to renovate, rather than relocate – and there are options for homeowners who don’t have the funds to…

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Disability accomodation

Home Adaptations for Your Needs

Whether due to a lifelong issue, a sudden injury, or the gradual effects of aging, restricted mobility can influence many aspects of everyday life. Actions that come easy to other individuals can present challenges to those with restricted mobility. Individuals with limited mobility may find that┬áprofessional disability renovations to their home┬ácan make it easier to…

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