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Architect to the stars: Paul R Williams

A tribute to Paul R. Williams homes

Paul Revere Williams’ astonishing architectural career spanned the growth of Hollywood. Between the 1920s and his retirement in 1973, he designed over 2,000 private L.A. homes – many for Hollywood creatives such as Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball, and Johnny Weissmuller. Wealthy, open-minded clients like this allowed Williams enviable creative freedom and earned him his nickname:…

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Friendly smiling architect or real estate agent consulting interracial couple

Defining Architecture and Design

A well-designed house can lend comfort, inspiration and functionality to a homeowner. Soothing colors bring on a good night’s sleep, while the sitting room layout can turn a small gathering into an unforgettable evening. It’s not all about the inside, either – exterior design can skyrocket curb appeal and create a private outdoor living area…

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Royal home inspo: The floor plan of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is a historical building, cultural icon and home to Queen Elizabeth II (and her army of corgis). This enormous, instantly recognizable building has served as the official London residence of the UK’s sovereigns since 1837. In order to pay tribute to this architectural feat, we decided to create a complete floor plan (and a…

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A Visual Compendium of TV Homes

Binge-watch the best TV series long enough and you may notice that a house you recognize is being used as a home by a show’s characters. Sometimes these borrowed homes have fictional addresses – a house in Brentford might act as a character’s home in Bel-Air, for example. Other times, the houses are built as…

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Header Frank Lloyd Wright Homes

A map of Frank Lloyd Wright homes in (nearly) every state

Frank Lloyd Wright sought not just to mold the architectural legacy of the US but to change the very way Americans lived their lives. And he succeeded: even if you’re not one of the few who are fortunate enough to call a Wright residence home, the influence of his staggeringly long and wide-ranging career is…

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A tribute to video game architecture. Original HomeAdvisor digital renderings from famous video games.

A Tribute to Video Game Architecture

HomeAdvisor created 3D-looking digital renderings from popular video games. Check out these 8-bit-like buildings or structures from Final Fantasy, Zelda, Bioshock, Assassin’s Creed, Dark Souls, Half-Life.

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Aerial view of St. Peters Square in The Vatican

The Architecture of Renaissance and Baroque Homes and Buildings

Whether you’re researching for a school assignment or to help define your dream home to a local architect, there’s a lot to learn about these overlapping architectural styles. Let’s start with a quick summary of the basics. What was the Renaissance? Most historians place the Renaissance period between the 14th and 17th centuries, a period…

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art deco america

Art Deco America

Art Deco was a glamorous European design style that grew out of the waning Art Nouveau movement in the first decades of the 20th century. Manifesting through new trends in architecture and interior design, the movement perfectly captured the spirit of the age: hope, progress and jazz! Naturally, when Art Deco made it across the…

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architect vs interior designer

What’s the Difference Between Architecture and Design?

When you’re thinking about home improvements, you may need to hire an architect or interior designer. These pros can help you create a design that will look great and solve current problems. They perform many similar tasks for your house, but they are not the same. Here’s how they differ and a few tips to…

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