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A modern interior of a white bathroom

Comparing the Pros and Cons of a One-Piece and Two-Piece Toilet

Photo: ADDICTIVE STOCK / Adobe Stock Reviewed by Jeff Botelho, Licensed Journeyman Plumber.Written by HomeAdvisor. Integral to any bathroom, the toilet is available in many shapes and configurations. One-piece and two-piece toilets both perform well, although one-piece toilets are sleeker and more durable but also more expensive. Two-piece toilets are the more cost-effective option and…

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DIY or Pro for Bathroom Remodel

DIY or Hire a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor?

Reviewed by Bob Tschudi, Home Building and Remodeling Expert. Need a Bathroom Remodel? – DIY vs. Hire a Pro Bathroom remodels and additions have one of the highest returns on investment among all home projects. When shopping for homes, buyers look for how many bedrooms and baths a home has, not kitchens or laundry rooms….

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modern bright bathroom with glass shower

Standard Shower Sizes for 5 Types of Showers

The standard shower size is 36 x 36 inches to comply with ADA accessibility requirements. You won’t find showers much smaller than that, since the International Residential Code sets the minimum shower size at 30 x 30 inches. This smallest size is often reserved for maximizing space in small bathrooms. Before you begin your new…

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woman cleans a shower

How To Clean a Shower

May 18, 2021 Reviewed by Asya Biddle, Cleaning Services Professional & Owner of The Dust Busters, Williamsport, PAWritten by HomeAdvisor. Over time, your shower can become grimy and dirty. Hard water and other mineral buildup can even lead to staining your fiberglass or tiled surround if not cleaned regularly. Luckily, it should only take a…

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clean enclosed shower doors

How To Clean Shower Doors

Reviewed by Asya Biddle, Cleaning Services Professional & Owner of The Dust Busters, Williamsport, PA Glass and fiberglass shower doors help prevent the hassle of hanging curtain rods and replacing liners. But over time, permanent doors can accumulate soap scum and hard mineral deposits. A cleaning service can help with removing scum fully and effectively….

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a newly cleaned marble bathroom

How to Clean a Bathroom

April 15, 2021 Reviewed by Asya Biddle, Cleaning Services Professional & Owner of The Dust Busters, Williamsport, PAWritten by HomeAdvisor. The bathroom is often one of the trickiest spaces to clean in your home. Whether you struggle with maneuvering the tight spaces, cleaning various surfaces or removing extensive grime and buildup – this chore can…

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father and two kids sitting on tile shower floor

Best Shower Flooring Options

© Halfpoint – When choosing the best shower flooring for your home, consider budget, durability, surface type and maintenance ease. Popular materials include tiles, wood, pebble and acrylic. Look at the aesthetic, cost, and pros and cons of each to find the one that best meets your needs. On This Page: How to Choose…

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modern white bathroom sink

Best Kitchen & Bathroom Sink Styles

Sinks are an essential of every home bathroom and kitchen. Aside from being functional, the best sinks also elevate your home. They complete your interior design with practicality and elegance. Our guide helps you find the top sink style to match your taste and the best sink brands that suit your needs. On This Page:…

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How To Fix Toilet Gurgling

Most of us take our functioning home plumbing systems for granted. But as soon as we’re faced with concerning noises coming from our toilet after flushing, it’s easy to panic. You might start worrying that your toilet’s long-lasting gurgling could be a nightmare for your wallet. The good news is, lingering toilet noises aren’t always…

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closeup of a height-adjustable shower head pouring water

How to Install a Removable, Handheld Shower Head

Removable, handheld shower heads will increase your shower’s comfort and efficiency. This quick guide will help you install a new head, whether it’s part of a quick replacement or a total bathroom overhaul. It’s important to note that this installation information is only for handheld heads. Using this guide for rain or fixed shower heads…

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