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A minimal bedroom with hardwood flooring

Carpet or Hardwood Floors for Bedrooms, Living Rooms and More

Left/Top: Photo: Samiylenko / Adobe Stock Bottom/Right: Photo: Samiylenko / Adobe Stock When it comes to carpet versus hardwood, both are popular flooring options, but each offers various advantages and disadvantages. For instance, carpet is better at muffling sound, while hardwood is easier to clean and has a longer life span. Use this guide to…

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If 7 Film Directors Designed Your Bedroom

Redesigning your bedroom? What better place to look for inspiration than from your favorite movies, directed by some of the most renowned filmmakers of our time? Each of the below directors is known for their visual style and celebrated for designing unforgettable spaces. If you want a unique bedroom inspired by the movies, these designs…

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famous writers bedroom icon

Literary Home Decor Ideas From 8 Famous Writers’ Bedrooms

Great writers are known for their genius prose, not necessarily their visual style. But what we frequently find we love about an artist is reflected in the way they dress, the places where they spend their time, and the things they surround themselves with. Few places are closer to a writer’s heart than their bedroom…

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blue bedroom remodeled

Top Considerations Before Beginning Your Bedroom Remodel

A bedroom remodel can revamp an outdated space and add value to your home (anywhere between a 40-80% return on investment). But as anyone who has been through a remodel will tell you, preparation is the key to maintaining your budget and sanity. Since any bedroom remodel is comprised of innumerable details, the best way…

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Kids Room

Kids Rooms: Creating the Perfect Place for Your Kids

Designing kids rooms can be a real challenge. Your kids want a room that is all fun—from the choice of colors right down to easy toy access. You, on the other hand, need that space to be easy to keep clean and well organized. Don’t fret. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind…

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Loft Bed

Easy Kid Loft Bed Ideas

For an adult, a loft bed is a practical way to save floor space. A kid loft bed is, on the other hand, often put up for fun as well as function. Kids just seem to like the idea of having a bed up high and having a ladder that leads them there. A child…

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Bunk Loft Bed

Loft Bunk Beds: Ages 5 and Up

Somewhere between a loft bed and a bunk bed is the loft bunk bed. While bunk beds are great for kids, they often become too small too quickly. Loft beds, while good for kids and young adults alike, are still only one bed. A loft bunk bed is generally made up of two beds of…

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Guest Bedroom

5 Steps to the Perfect Guest Room

Though homeowners spend quite a bit of time on living rooms, kitchens, and bathroom remodels, guest rooms are one of the most often neglected spaces in the house. If you’re planning on having overnight guests within the next year, consider remodeling your guest room to make it more appealing and welcoming. Step 1: Revitalizing Spare…

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Master suite

The New Master Suite: How Suite It Is

Though they might seem like the same thing at first, the terms “bedroom addition” and “master suite addition” are actually very different. While conventional bedroom additions are typically focused on practicality, master suite additions are also concerned with comfort and convenience. While bedroom additions tend to be built purely to create needed living space, master…

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Get Better Sleep with Better Bedroom Design

You’ve probably heard the statistic that we spend about a third of our life asleep. This may seem like a waste: how could we squander away all that precious time? It’s not a waste though. We live busy lives: long hours at the office, a family waiting at home, combined with the other burdens of…

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