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Painted cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Makes Old Cabinets Look New Again

Purchasing new kitchen cabinets can be a pricey endeavor and out of reach for some homeowners. If you’re tired of looking a those dark and dingy old cabinets, why not give them a new face with a good cabinet painting instead? For a fraction of the cost and few well spent weekends, you can give…

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Repainting Your Cabinets

Cabinet Hardware – Don’t Skimp on the Details

So you’ve recently remodeled and now have new cabinetry in your kitchen. Take a deep breath because the hard part is over. But even though the big project is done, it doesn’t mean that you can skimp on the finishing details. In fact, usually it’s these finer points that make the remodel feel complete. Installing…

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Undercabinet wine storage

Keeping Those Bottles Tasting Wonderful

For a true wine enthusiast, storing wine properly is about as important as choosing the right bottle. Even the most expensive bottle will turn bad if exposed to fluctuating temperatures, humidity, or excessive light. A wine cabinet is essential, and picking the right wine storage cabinet can be tricky. There are many brands and styles…

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Room with curio cabinets

Curio Cabinets: Both Contemporary and Traditional

Possessions that you would consider “prized” belong not in a box in the garage or on a dusty shelf, but on display so everyone can enjoy them. Though some larger items might need to be mounted on their own (that Picasso that’s been hiding in the attic might require an entire room to itself), a…

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Painted cabinets

Giving Old Cabinetry New Life: Painting Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Try this on for size: your kitchen cabinets are looking rough. The varnish has mostly rubbed off, the stain is fading, and your cabinets are more scratched up than the cat scratcher in the corner of the living room. Still, they’re decent cabinets, and you really don’t have the money to invest in a new…

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Highlighting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Ideas to Highlight or Downplay Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are going to take up the most visual space. They are eye level, and they hold everything that people are looking for (except cold food and drinks). They are the elephant in the room. Every cabinet remodel is a project in either attracting the best attention to your cabinets (because who wants their…

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White cabinets and counters

Countertops and Cabinets Glossary

A-frame: An A-shaped framework used to transport countertop slabs on edge in a truck. Accents: A contrast, outline, or highlight added for detail and emphasis. American Colonial: Traditional design elements inspired by the American Colonial period and influenced by English Georgian style. Antiquity Glass: Blurred, tempered glass with seeded impressions. Apron Front Sink (farmhouse sink):…

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Laminate wine shelf

The Laminate Shelf: Wallet Wise, and Splinter Free

In the shelving world, the laminate shelf is the best choice for many light duty jobs. Plastic laminate is stain and rust-resistant, cost-effective, and virtually impervious to moisture problems. While other shelves may boast of their strength, the laminate shelf is an excellent solution for storage problems of everyday items. Laminate Shelf Benefits In a…

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White bathroom cabinets

Bathroom Cabinets

One of the most surefire ways to improve the looks and functionality of your bathroom is through the thoughtful addition of bathroom cabinets. You can add stock or custom built cabinetry to more efficiently make use of limited space in a small bathroom. You can also buy and install custom cabinetry to help spice up…

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Wall cabinet

Adding a Wall Cabinet

When most people think of a wall cabinet, the first thing they think of is a bathroom wall cabinet. Kitchens, which usually require quite a bit more storage, tend to have entire cabinetry setups. Some of the same basic considerations still apply for kitchen cabinetry, but installation becomes increasingly difficult and cabinetry design is essential…

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