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Square Footage Calculator

To use this calculator: Measure and record the dimensions of your room. Select the room’s shape, enter your measurements and click the “Calculate” button to determine its area in square feet. To calculate the area of multiple rooms, click “Add a new shape” to create a new calculator for every room or shape. Select the…

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Siding Calculator

Whether you’re using wood, metal, vinyl or Hardiplank siding, it’s a good idea to measure your exterior walls before calling an installer. Multiply height and width of each wall to calculate the total square footage to cover. With the help of our siding calculator, you can give your installer the information they need to provide…

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residential wood ramp

Ramp Calculator

Safety is a top priority when building a wheelchair ramp and can be achieved by complying with ADA standards. This wheelchair ramp calculator helps you find the appropriate length for your ramp to avoid accidents and improve ease of use. On This Page Measurements Needed Ramp Calculations Tips FAQs Measurements Needed Choose the incline based…

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plastic above ground pool

Pool Sand Calculator

Above ground pools need a sand base to protect the liner and provide an even foundation. This sand base calculator helps you figure out how much sand you need to create this base. Use the pool volume and a standard depth of 2 inches to estimate the yards of sand needed for your project. With…

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Pool Salt Calculator

Keeping your pool at the ideal salt levels ensures a healthy swimming experience without harsh chemicals. This pool salt calculator lets you know how much salt your pool needs to reach optimal levels. Use your pool’s volume and an average salt level of 3,200 PPM to estimate the pounds of salt needed. With this information,…

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Concrete Wall Calculator

This concrete wall calculator estimates how much material you need to build a full-size or retaining wall. Use the desired length, height and thickness to calculate your concrete wall’s volume. Then, convert this number to cubic yards to figure out how much concrete to buy. This also helps you estimate the cost of your materials….

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Concrete Steps Calculator

This concrete step calculator estimates how much material you need to build a set of steps. Start by finding out the volume of each individual step. Then, add these up to figure out how much concrete you need for your entire project. If you know the price of concrete per cubic yard, this calculator helps…

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brick paver patio

Patio Calculator

This patio paver calculator can help you figure out how many stone, block or brick pavers and how much sand base you’ll need to build a patio. Plan ahead for your project to make sure you get the right amount of materials. On This Page Paver Paver Calculations Sand Base Calculations Example Calculation Common Brick…

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Subway Tile Calculator

HomeAdvisor’s Subway Tile Calculator is a handy tool to estimate the amount of material needed to cover any given area and make your next home improvement project a success. Buy the right amount of material and cut waste on your next project with our useful subway tile calculator. Our simple formula multiplies width by length…

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Flooring Calculator

Whether you’re building the house of your dreams from scratch or installing new flooring on your current home, taking the right measurements is essential to ensure the right amount of materials and stay within budget. Use our flooring calculator or our simple formula to know how much material your project requires and give your flooring…

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