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Topsoil Calculator

To estimate the amount of soil needed for a landscape bed, you need to measure the length, width, and depth of the garden space that you are looking to fill. No need to guess when you can use a cubic yard calculator for soil to confidently complete your landscaping project. With a simple formula, you…

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River Rock Calculator

Many landscapers and homeowners choose river rock for their outdoor spaces for its variety of colors and smooth shape. River rock comes in many sizes and is used for walkways, driveways, and borders. This type of landscaping rock adds curb appeal and warmth to any landscaping project, and an accurate river rock estimate will help…

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Landscaping Rock Calculator

Beautifying your outdoor space with landscape rock products will bring enjoyment, low maintenance, and added value to your home. You can mix styles and colors, and use the rocks for gardens, walkways, borders, driveways, and around trees and shrubs. If you decide to design with these products, here is a landscape stone calculator to help…

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Crushed Stone Calculator

While planning your DIY project or re-graveling a patio area or driveway, you’ll want an accurate estimate to use to figure out how much material you’ll need to complete the job. Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner, and whether you’re looking for pea gravel or ¾ inch crushed, there’s an easy way to figure…

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Carpet Calculator

To use the calculator: Enter the length and width of each room. Don’t forget to measure for doorways. Divide irregularly shaped rooms into smaller square sections. Enter the number and width of your stairs. Add 10% to 20% to your final figure for waste. Carpet Cost Calculator: Installation and materials average $700-$2,600 depending on the…

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Ceramic wall tile

Tile Calculator

Before you begin using this simple tiling calculator: Measure the length and width of the tiling area – round up to the nearest foot. Know the size of the tiles you’re using for the project. NOTE: The calculator automatically adds a 10% waste allowance for cutting and breakage. On This Page: How to Measure for…

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Pros and cons of linoleum floors

Vinyl Flooring Calculator

On This Page: Vinyl Plank Flooring Calculator Plank Sizes How many boxes do you need? Sheet Vinyl Calculator Roll Lengths Roll Widths How to Measure Linoleum Calculator Vinyl Calculator by Room Size DIY or Pro? FAQs Vinyl Plank Flooring Calculator To calculate your vinyl plank flooring: Enter the length and width of your flooring project…

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Hanging Drywall

Drywall Calculator

On This Page: How to Estimate Drywall or Sheetrock Sheets of Drywall in a Bundle Drywall Layout Calculator Calculating Angled Walls for Drywall Types of Drywall Joints Common Sheetrock or Drywall Measurements Drywall Coverage by Type Drywall Ceiling Calculator How to Calculate Sheetrock Waste Drywall Mud Calculator Drywall Estimator Square Footage FAQs How to Estimate…

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Lumber Calculator

This free lumber estimator gives you a tool to calculate how much lumber you need for your project. Find out what a board foot is, how to measure it and estimate how much wood you need for your deck, flooring or framing project. Board Feet vs. Linear Feet Lumberyards normally deal in board feet, particularly…

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Travertine tile

Resilient Tile Calculator

Tips on Measuring for Resilient Tile Enter the size of the rooms to be covered and then select the size of the tile you plan to use. The calculator will determine how many tiles you need, including a standard 10 percent waste allowance. Homeowner Tip – Individual tiles are commonly 12 inches square, but also…

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