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Quarter sawn wood table

Quarter Sawn Wood: Getting What You Pay for

Quarter sawn wood is a way of cutting wood logs perpendicular to its growth rings to create a straight, pleasing grain and a considerably stronger wood. The milling process takes more time and attention to detail and isn’t performed as often as the demand would suggest, artificially driving up the price. On the other hand,…

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Teak wood deck

Teak Wood Projects

While teak wood is definitely a more expensive wood, its incredible durability often makes it cheaper than other options in a per-year comparison. When considering cost, beware of teak wood that seems too under-priced. This wood may have come from young teak trees. Immature wood will be more susceptible to splitting and water damage. Outdoor…

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House frame

Picture Perfect: House Framing Facts

A house’s frame is what keeps it from falling down. It is composed of beams that are joined together to form the “bones” of the structure. While a solid frame with a good foundation build can keep a house up for centuries, a faulty frame or weak foundation can bring it tumbling down in no…

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Timber framing

Timber Framing

Timber framing is a traditional building style that uses large, timber posts and beams to construct an outer frame that supports the entire home. It has many advantages over standard home construction, including quick-raising times, a rustic, antique feel that can’t be matched, and fluid floor designs, since the home is entirely supported by the…

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Guide to Home Woodworking Projects

Working with wood is a process that involves designing and building objects out of wood using various tools. People might be employed in the craft of woodworking, building items to sell.

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Pressure treated wood

Benefits of Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is wood that has been infused with chemical preservatives to protect the wood from rot and insects. The wood is placed in a depressurized holding tank that removes the air and replaces it with a preservative. The most important thing to understand about this pressure treatment is that the process is, by far,…

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Lumber stack

The Basics Of Lumber Pricing and Metal Pricing

Metal and lumber prices are influenced by a fluid lumber market, but the range in metal and lumber prices are affected much more by the quality and supplier of the lumber than the market itself. Sawmills, for example, will be able to sell you lumber for a lower price than a lumberyard, but a large…

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