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roller painting a popcorn ceiling

How to Paint Popcorn & Textured Ceilings

August 4, 2021 Reviewed by Bob Tschudi, Home Building and Remodeling Expert.Written by HomeAdvisor. It is possible to paint a popcorn or textured ceiling. However, you have to approach the process differently than you would a flat one. The steps appear to be identical between the two types, but you have to take certain precautions…

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professional cleaners tiding up big apartment

How to Find and Hire a Maid Service: Questions to Ask, Tips and More

April 5, 2021 Reviewed by Asya Biddle, Cleaning Services Professional & Owner of The Dust Busters, Williamsport, PAWritten by HomeAdvisor. While a housekeeper may not require a license to work, liability insurance and a surety bond are necessary. Whether hiring a self-employed housekeeper or a more extensive cleaning company, they should also have a current…

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colorful palette of round carpet samples

Cheap Carpet Buying & Installation Guide: Least Expensive Options

Updated: November 20, 2020 How & Where to Get the Best Prices on Carpeting Carpeting is one of the cheapest flooring options out there, but it still costs $3.50 to $11 per square foot. Buying on a tight budget means that you have to balance the best materials for the room with the money you have….

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carpet samples at the store

Carpet Buying Guide

Carpets are part of what makes a home truly feel like a home. The flooring of a house says a lot about it. The right balance seems to give each space that cozy, comfortable feeling. When you are building or remodeling your home, your flooring choices can easily become overwhelming. You have to consider things…

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modern living room with two sofas and a chair around coffee table

How to Regularly Clean Your Upholstery, From Random Spills to Pet Hair

alvarez/E+ via Getty Images Junior just spilled his grape soda on the couch, and now you’re scrambling to clean up the mess. Don’t worry, though! Upholstery cleaning is inexpensive, but it is often a neglected part of general home maintenance. It is something you should be cleaning with regularity—not just when there is a big…

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couple working home contractors

Should I Tip Contractors?

skynesher/E+ via Getty Images Tipping etiquette for contractors is a little confusing. Some pros expect a tip and others don’t. Even if you know whether or not you should offer a tip, how much do you give? Here’s a crash course in tipping etiquette for contractors, based on general national best practices. For a precise…

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disinfectant and gloves near computer surfaces touched frequently

What to Frequently Clean During COVID-19

April 5, 2021 Reviewed by Asya Biddle, Cleaning Services Professional & Owner of The Dust Busters, Williamsport, PA Written by HomeAdvisor. How to Help Prevent COVID-19 Spread at Home One of the most effective ways to help fight the spread of COVID-19, aside from social distancing and washing your hands, is cleaning and disinfecting frequently…

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Woman cleaning front door

7 Easy Ways to Save Water in the Summer

The summer heat brings the need to use more water, whether it is watering your lawn and flowers or filling up the pool, overall use skyrockets in the summer months. Here are 7 ways that you can save water, which will help the environment and your wallet! 1. Water at Night or in the Morning…

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Tile roof

Roofing Area and Shingle Calculator

Photo: Vipada / Adobe Stock This roofing calculator will help you calculate shingles for your project and find the total number you’ll need to cover your roof, including an overage of about 10%. It also covers how many squares you’ll need and how many bundles of shingles you’ll want to buy for your project. Use…

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