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Dad and daughter baking together in the kitchen.

Kitchen Safety: Cooking with Kids

When tackling food preparation chores in the home, safety is important to avoid cooking-related injuries or other hazards like kitchen fires. With a focus on safety and creativity, the whole family can enjoy spending time together while preparing healthy, delicious meals and snacks. Parents and children can spend enjoyable time together bonding as children learn…

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Teenager playing video games at home alone

Child Safety Guide: How to Keep Kids Safe When They’re Home Alone

From a child home sick from school to a last-minute babysitter cancellation, no matter how organized and well-prepared you are, there will come a time when you have to trust one or more of your children to stay home on their own. Take the time to educate your children about home safety so they feel…

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Cute girl looking at model of house on table . Mixed media

Home Design-Inspired Activities for Kids

Home design is more than just color schemes and fabric swatches — it’s the blending of art and science, architecture and engineering, creativity and practicality. In other words, it is an incredible way to spark a child’s imagination while teaching them important skills like engineering, art and math. Designing a home, from planning square footage…

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Chalkboard with illustrated math problems

Home-Schooling Help: Math Games and Resources

Are you a home schooling parent struggling to keep your kids focused on math? Many kids would much rather be playing their favorite sport, talking with their friends, or playing a video game than learning their multiplication tables. These distractions are that much harder to avoid when they’re within reach. One of the ways you…

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Green grass

Go Green at Home! For Kids & Adults

Going green is not just some kind of catch phrase that people around the world are using: It is a real way to save the planet’s environment and save your family money as well. Most people do not realize how financially beneficial it can be to learn how to recycle or conserve energy. By following…

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Playground Germs

Playground Germs: How Dirty Are They?

Playgrounds are a terrific place for kids to get some exercise, have fun, and make new friends. But alarmingly, they can also be a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria – some of which may have the potential to make your child sick. To see which types of germs tend to lurk on playground…

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7 Steps to a Backyard Playground for Kids

A yard offers enough room for kids to explore and grow without being too far from supervision. Installing a home playground is one way to encourage children to exercise and have fun outdoors. As with anything, however, the best backyard playgrounds are those that have been properly planned out. When changing the landscape of your…

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Home energy panels

Home Energy Conservation for Kids

Energy is very important. It is something that kids need and use every day at home and at school. In fact, some form of energy is used just about anywhere that you can imagine! It is also something that adults talk, worry, and have concerns about. One of the things that they worry about is…

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A Guide to Homeschooling

For many reasons, varying from strict school zoning rules to religious beliefs, many parents choose to forgo enrolling their kids in the public school system and opt instead to turn their home into a classroom.

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