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Types of Light Bulbs: Your Ultimate Buying Guide

Delmaine Donson/E+ via Getty Images Choosing the perfect light fixture and an accompanying light bulb can completely transform a room. That’s why choosing the right lighting for your dining room chandelier or bedside table lamp is so important. Don’t worry—we’re here to help make the decision process easier.  Below, we’ll discuss different light bulb types…

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Electrical Outlet

Outlets and Switches

Electrical outlet replacement is a job that some homeowners may not feel comfortable doing themselves. The fact is, though outlet or switch replacement is a relatively straightforward job, dealing with your home’s electrical wiring is intimidating for a reason. The threat of shock and the future threat of fire are both pretty scary, and doing…

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Tax Credits & Solar Shingles: Is It Finally Time to Swap to Solar Power?

If you’re considering rooftop solar for your home, there’s no time like the present! Because the most generous government incentive, a federal tax credit covering 30 percent of the project, will start to be phased out at the end of 2019. Given the national average solar panel installation cost of $23,000, that’s $7,000 in savings…

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Residential Electrical Circuits Explained

Maybe you’ve just bought a new home and are quickly discovering the little idiosyncrasies and “charms” of older electrical circuits in your home. Or maybe you’ve started a do-it-yourself project and are realizing you may have bitten off more than you can chew. Electrical circuits can be some of the most detailed home projects, and…

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Tips for Finding & Hiring an Electrician

Looking for an Electrician for Hire? Whether you’re doing a home remodel or simply fixing a flickering light, you’re probably looking to hire an electrician. This guide walks you through everything you need to know to confidently hire a licensed professional. You’ll learn about how much electricians charge and why they cost what they do….

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Generator Basics

Many people have generators to light their barns or outdoor facilities, but they can also be used to power homes. If your home regularly encounters blackouts, power failures, and other electrical difficulties, it may be worth paying the cost of a home generator for a reliable backup option. However, there is some advice that you…

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Unplugging Your Doorbell: Wireless Doorbells

The time has come for you to enjoy the fresh air on your back patio while you wait for your guests to arrive or be able to do yard work while you wait for the pizza delivery driver to show up. Doorbells are designed today to let you know when you have a visitor no…

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Electrical Panel

Electrical Hazards

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, “During a typical year, home electrical problems account for 67,800 fires, 485 deaths, and $868 million in property losses. Home electrical wiring causes twice as many fires as electrical appliances.” One of the most misunderstood areas of the home and home safety, almost every homeowner has some misconceptions about…

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Feel the Power: Shocking Facts About Electricity Usage in the United States

The United States is one of the world’s biggest consumers of electricity. That statement probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to you, but how the US utilizes its electricity might! In this infographic we’ll look at where electricity bills are highest and lowest, which states use the most electricity, and how electricity is…

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