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Energy Efficiency

Door weather stripping

The Benefits of Weather Stripping

Many older homes, and even some newer ones, have numerous little cracks, holes and spaces through which warm air escapes during the winter, and unwanted hot air enters during the summer. All these little drafts of air end up costing you big money in the end. You set your thermostat higher in the winter and…

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Winter home with fireplace
Home roof solar panels

Going Green with Solar Panels in the Home

Global warming has become a hot topic and is often the driving force behind the need to find alternative sources of energy. Even people who are not overly concerned about environmental issues look to alternative energy as a way to fuel their homes more efficiently. Solar energy has become one of the popular ways to…

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Home energy panels

Home Energy Conservation for Kids

Energy is very important. It is something that kids need and use every day at home and at school. In fact, some form of energy is used just about anywhere that you can imagine! It is also something that adults talk, worry, and have concerns about. One of the things that they worry about is…

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Solar Heating Systems

Solar Heating – About Passive & Active Systems

Did you know that enough solar energy is transmitted to the United States in 20 minutes to supply our energy needs for an entire year? Plus, this energy is free to use as long as you have a system in place to capture it. Solar Energy and Solar Power Solar heat works by absorbing the…

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thermal replacement windows

U-Factor & Thermal Replacement Windows

Modern windows rely on a wide array of technologies to achieve a level of energy efficiency as high as five times that of traditional windows. All that technology can also be confusing. Terms like “low-E glass” and “argon gas” don’t mean much to the average consumer. While you needn’t feel overwhelmed by these terms, a…

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Solar panels

A Home Energy Efficiency Guide

Energy exists all around us. Kids and grownups get energy from food. Once food converts to energy in the body it gives them the strength and resources to go to school or work, and to use their brains and bodies to get things done. Another kind of energy comes from other sources so that people…

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