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Senior-friendly kitchen

Kitchens and Baths with a “Thriving in Place” Spin

Want in on a multi-billion-dollar business opportunity? Specialize in thriving-in-place projects. Roughly 108 million U.S. citizens have surpassed age 50—and the majority of them wish to live comfortably and independently in their homes for as long as possible. The reality is that most of these people will have to modify their existing homes to make…

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The Third-Quarter HomeAdvisor Report: The Taming of the Resale

October 4, 2016 On homeowners’ minds: taming those overgrown plants, bugs, and pesky critters!  In the third quarter of 2016, the nation’s homeowners increased their orders for services related to pest control, lawn care, and landscaping faster than they did for any other categories of home services. New data from HomeAdvisor, which compare the third…

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Sunrooms & Patios

HomeAdvisor Trend Watch: Sunrooms & Patio Enclosures

  This article originally appeared in Qualified Remodeler in August 2016. Sunrooms and patio enclosures are surging in popularity. In fact, requests for professional sunroom and patio services are up 26 percent year over year, according to HomeAdvisor. Unfortunately, as nice as they are to have, sunrooms and enclosed patios aren’t always a sound investment….

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HomeAdvisor Trend Watch: Major Basement Remodels on the Rise

This article originally appeared in Qualified Remodeler in June 2016. It would stand to reason that homeowners seeking more space would renovate their basements when the housing market is weak and move into bigger homes when the economy is strong. A recent analysis of HomeAdvisor data shows the exact opposite to be true. In 2015,…

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Handyman or Specialist?

Should You Hire a Handyman or a Specialist?

Sometimes, it’s tough to know who to call for help with your home projects. Contractor laws vary from state to state, but this handy guide will help you decide whether to start with a handyman or a specialized contractor.

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Outlook for Home Improvement Continues to Brighten

May 21, 2016 It’s been a busy day for remodeling trends and stats, and the news is decidedly positive. The National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) released their RMI (Remodelers Index) and the Harvard Joint Center released their LIRA (Leading Indicator for Remodeling). They both showed that more remodelers are seeing increases than decreases. The forward-looking…

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Tax Credits from Home Improvement Projects

8 Steps to Good Credit

Step 1: Pay Your Bills on Time Make it your personal goal to pay your credit and other obligations on time and for the required amount each month. Debt obligations will include: Credit card charges Loan payments Rent or mortgage payments Utility bills Service or product bills Taxes Support payments Other Take advantage of automatic…

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Report from PCBC: New Home Construction

July 6, 2016 I just got back from the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) in San Francisco, and I heard some positive sentiment (Brexit shock notwithstanding) from builder executives. The level of traffic through showrooms and the quality of traffic have improved, supporting the pace of sales so far this selling season. Builders Focus on…

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