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wooden fence on green grass with a bush and two houses in background

Vinyl vs. Wood Fencing: What’s the Difference?

Photo (Left): Jason / Adobe Stock Photo (Right): Vastram / Adobe Stock When it comes to vinyl versus wood fencing, the biggest differences relate to their aesthetics and durability. Wood fencing offers a timeless look with various finishes. But you need to stay on top of maintenance to maximize its longevity. Budget-friendly vinyl fencing is…

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Cedar vs. Pine: What Are the Benefits of Each?

Left/Bottom: bruceman / E+ / Getty Images Right/Top: Jose A. Bernat Bacete / Moment / Getty Images Reviewed by Andy Kilborn, Expert Home Building and Remodeling Contributor.Written by HomeAdvisor. If you’re deciding between cedar and pressure-treated pine, both have their strengths. Cedar is a more durable and attractive choice but can get pricey for those…

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staining wood with paint brush

The Best Roller for Staining Wood Decks or Fences

Staining wood is not an easy as painting. It could be messy and time-consuming task that requires some experience to achieve good results. But with our helpful tips, this guide gives you the info you need to get the ideal roller or brush for your next DIY wood staining job. On This Page: Best Roller…

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Bamboo fence

Cheap Fencing Buying & Installation Guide

How & Where to Get the Best Prices on Fencing Fencing your home costs $1,670 to $4,100 and is a great way to beautify your home, keep children and pets in, keep wildlife out and increase the aesthetics and price value of your home. Cheaper materials include steel, bamboo, vinyl, wood, reed/fern/willow, aluminum, PVC, electric…

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Dog on white picket garden fence in front yard of home

Best Types of Wood For Fences

© Sue Barr – Getty Wooden fences can benefit any property by establishing boundaries, adding security and privacy, keeping pets and livestock safe and increasing property value. When deciding which wood fencing materials are right for your project, consider your budget, the qualities of the wood, the type of fence you’re building and its purpose….

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Man in plaid shirt and hat screws a vinyl fence board into a post
Powder coating of metal parts. A man in a protective suit sprays powder paint from a gun on metal products.

Powder Coat vs. Spray Paint: Differences in Durability, Cost & More

Powder coating and spray painting both provide excellent protection but it’s difficult to determine which one is best for certain circumstances. While there are many similarities between the two, they both have drawbacks and limiting factors. Here, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of both and the best applications of each method. On This Page:…

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yellow house with red roof and aluminum fence

Which Fence is Right for Your Home?

Which is the best fence on the market today? Is one type of fence material superior to another? There really is no one best fence. The trick is to figure out which is the best fence for your home. Weighing the following factors, likely many of them apply to your situation, and deciding which factors…

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Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Building Products Take the Cake

There’s good reason why vinyl building materials are so popular. For starters, vinyl building products are manufactured in a wide variety of colors, textures, and styles. They are also extremely durable, and can often outlast the materials they are designed to mimic. The most compelling reason vinyl is so popular is probably its low-maintenance requirements;…

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Wooden Fence

What to Know When Hiring a Fence Installer

It’s smart to hire a fence installer to save yourself the time and effort of driving posts into the ground. A fencing contractor will have the equipment and experience to make the job faster and easier than installing it yourself. Good fencing contractors are also knowledgeable about local ordinances. They’ll know which material lasts the…

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