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Traditional blue home exterior with wood siding

Slab vs. Crawl Space Foundations

Photo: Shiyan / Adobe Stock Slab foundations are solid concrete flat surfaces—sometimes called slab-on-grade—4 to 6 inches in thickness anchored by footings set to a depth below the frost line. Crawl space foundations are elevated foundations that stand 18 inches to 4 feet above the ground. Slab and crawl space foundations appear in areas where…

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House with long concrete driveway

Concrete vs. Asphalt Driveways

Left/Top: Photo: Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock Bottom/Right: Photo: mike ledray / Adobe Stock Asphalt versus concrete in a driveway almost always comes down to what’s most common in your neighborhood. But if that’s not a concern, you’ll choose between concrete or asphalt driveways based on cost and durability. For similar-sized driveways, you’ll spend about…

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Home Exterior on Hill

Leveling a House

Q: What kind of damage (i.e. drywall, bathroom tile, etc.) will result from leveling a home? A:  If the whole house is out of level or uneven due to the foundation, you will probably be best served having a house mover pick the whole house up, have the foundation repaired/replaced and then having it reinstalled…

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Foundation Wall

Sealing a Foundation

A strong house foundation is necessary when tackling any construction project. While many precautions are taken to ensure that a foundation will hold up for the lifetime of the house that’s set upon it, sealing a foundation is one of the most important aspects of keeping it functional over the long haul. If sealing is…

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brick and concrete foundation needs repair

Don’t Ignore the Foundation of Your Home

The condition of every single home relies on the strength of the foundation beneath it and the shield of the roof above it. When a roofing system fails, often the first sign of trouble is a wet spot on your ceiling. So it is with your home’s foundation. When your concrete slab is no longer…

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Cracked Concrete Foundation

Foundation Repair: Address it NOW!

Foundation repair is critical to address as soon as you suspect a problem. For starters, the sooner you fix a failing foundation, the less damage it will cause. The second reason is directly related to the first. A settling, shifting, or failing foundation can cause major structural damage to your home, and the longer you…

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Cracked foundation

Cracked Foundation

A cracked foundation is no laughing matter. In fact, it can be cause for serious alarm. Foundation cracking is usually a sign of larger problems, and since your foundation ultimately holds up your home, this is one home improvement issue you don’t want to waste any time addressing. Causes of Cracked Foundations It’s nearly impossible…

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Cracked concrete

Cracked Concrete

Cracked concrete is more common than you might think. Concrete is currently used in so many aspects of homebuilding, from foundations and basement floors to patios and walkways, that concrete cracks are almost sure to show up somewhere in your home as the years go by. Not all cracked concrete is equal, however. While all…

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A Crawl Space With Piers

Insulating a Crawl Space

If you look at the foundation of your home, you may find small openings just big enough to wriggle through. After investigation, you’ll discover an unfinished space between the ground slab and the first floor of your home, leaving small parts of your foundation walls exposed. This is a crawl space and it can be…

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House foundation

6 Signs of a Damaged Foundation

A damaged foundation is a big problem for many homeowners. Fortunately, spotting foundation-related issues is simple. Here are six red flags associated with a shifting, cracked or faulty foundation: Warped or sloped flooring. Rippling vinyl, cracked ceramic tile, warped hardwood and sloped flooring are signs of a foundation problem. Call a foundation pro to diagnose…

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