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Cinderblock Foundation Repair

Repairing a Cinderblock Foundation – Common Issues

Cinderblock foundations are often found in homes that have crawlspaces, and may show up in some basement construction as well in pillar form. Cinderblock foundations are desirable because the blocks are relatively easy to work with and they are inexpensive. Like anything else, though, cinderblock is not completely impervious, and from time to time cinderblock…

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Cracked Concrete Foundation

Concrete Foundation Problems

Concrete foundations are the standard in modern construction for a reason. There is simply no other material that can do the job the way that concrete does. In its liquid form, it is extremely versatile and convenient to use. Once it turns solid, it becomes incredibly strong and can last for a very long time….

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Concrete foundation

Concrete Foundations

While concrete foundations are one of the very best kinds of foundations out there, its stability relies on proper site preparation. Soil and slope are the two biggest factors to ensure you get a solid, long-lasting foundation, but other climate conditions, weight bearing, and basements can also be important considerations for your concrete foundation. Concrete…

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Retaining wall

Going Green: Foundation, Retaining Walls & Waterproofing

When it comes to green remodeling, high profile items like low e, multiple paned windows, photovoltaic solar panels, and ENERGY STAR rated appliances get all the press. But some of the greenest things you can do for your home are a lot less visible— like greening your foundation, retaining walls, or taking on a basement…

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Concrete cutting

How to Spot & Repair a Sinking Foundation

Building a foundation is one of the most structurally significant aspects of your house. When set on a solid foundation, the rest of the house has the support it needs to maintain its integrity and stand for decades upon decades. If your house’s foundation is set improperly, there are a host of problems that can…

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