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Patio living room furniture with fabric and hard materials

Best Materials for Outdoor and Patio Furniture

Outdoor furniture frames and upholstery must be durable and comfortable. The best materials for outdoor furniture are those that work well with the natural weather conditions of your region. While weather conditions may vary throughout the year, our guide helps you find the best material and fabric for your patio furniture, so you can enjoy…

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Best Couch Fabric for Pets

If you have a pet at home, choosing the best material for your upholstery is essential. Given the costs of professional cleaning or of upholstery and repair, you really want to get it right the first time. This means you should put durability on the top of your list. But you don’t have to give…

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Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture

Choosing the best wood for outdoor furniture depends on the specific weather conditions of your area, the type of tools you will use and the budget available. Before you start building, it’s important to think about these three factors to ensure the durability and success of your project. Our guide helps you determine the best…

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modern living room with two sofas and a chair around coffee table

How to Regularly Clean Your Upholstery, From Random Spills to Pet Hair

alvarez/E+ via Getty Images Junior just spilled his grape soda on the couch, and now you’re scrambling to clean up the mess. Don’t worry, though! Upholstery cleaning is inexpensive, but it is often a neglected part of general home maintenance. It is something you should be cleaning with regularity—not just when there is a big…

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Best Upholstery Fabrics

Picking the right fabric for your new sofa or couch can be daunting. After all, it’s a choice that could be expensive to replace and it determines the whole style and flow of your room. When choosing fabric there are three things to consider- style, color, and durability. Our guide takes all three into account…

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Best Wood for Tables

Eating your meals at a hand-crafted table is a one-of-a-kind experience that feels nourishing and refined. Choose the best wood for your tabletop and consider three main factors: durability, grain, and cost. Use our guide to find the wood that checks all the boxes and create the beautiful table that you envisioned. On This Page:…

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the sitcom sofa

A Visual Compendium of Sitcom Sofas

The sofa, as television producers have long known, is the perfect sitcom prop. It can form the center of a studio stage, symbolize family values, or create a mirror image of the viewer at home. In some sitcoms, the sofa is so important that it is a star in its own right. The classic sitcom…

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Distressed, old-look white wooden board.

Chalk Painting and Distressing for Beginners

Distressing furniture is a process through which you can make a piece of furniture look aged, giving it a weathered or antique look. Distressed furniture fits perfectly with the popular shabby-chic and farmhouse aesthetic but can also look good with other types of décor. Distressing furniture changes its finish using things like paint, paint stripper,…

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wooden backyard furniture setup assembled by a pro

Outdoor Equipment & Furniture Installation – Assembly Service Costs

There are economical assembly services available to homeowners who struggle to DIY assemble furniture. The typical cost varies depending on the time of equipment. A grill only costs $45 on average while a shed might cost $400. While assembling outdoor features is not top-tier professional work, it can help you avoid the pitfalls of DIY,…

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young man assembles furniture in the new house, the details laid out around him on the floor

10 Tips for Assembling Flat Pack Furniture

Assembling flat pack furniture can be like trying to solve a complicated jigsaw puzzle. It’s often nerve-wracking to put together the pieces of your new Overstock or IKEA furniture, using the tool and instructions provided. One wrong move in assembly could ruin your newly purchased item; ultimately costing you more money that it would have…

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