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Electric vehicle home charging station

What to Know Before Installing an E-Vehicle Charger at Home

So, you have made the switch to an electric vehicle and have environmentally friendly transportation. The next step is to install a charger port so that your vehicle is ready to go when you are. The main things to know before having an electronic vehicle (EV) charging station installed are: Permits The electrical capacity of…

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Water saving irrigation system

8 Water-Saving Home Renovations

Garden Landscape by Conserva Irrigation of Virginia Beach in Virginia Beach, VA Water saving renovations are money saving renovations. Leaky pipes, outdated appliances, and poor irrigation practices hike up your water and energy bills and wreak havoc on your septic system. And, in drought-ridden states, water wasting can be subject to hefty fines and usage…

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Water pouring into rain barrel

8 Reasons to Add a Rain Barrel to Your Garden

A rain barrel is a small, above-ground tank that collects and stores rainwater for later use. There are a few types, but the most common ones collect rainwater from your roof. Adding one or two rain barrels to your home can be good for your plants, the planet, and your wallet. It’s an inexpensive, practical…

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Tap dripping in bathroom

Leaky Pipes: Water Waste in Your Home

Saving water will ensure that there’s enough to go around for your community and for future generations. The best way to prevent drought and water waste is to use water efficiently. Fortunately, becoming an efficient user of water is as easy as following these simple suggestions given below. These tips will concern outdoor water use…

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Disposing home improvement rubble and debris

Eco-Friendly Ways to Dispose of Home Renovation Debris

It’s never too early to begin planning how you will dispose of waste from paint, drywall, concrete and other home renovation materials. Safe disposal is about more than tossing an empty paint can into the garbage. Make sure you remove these construction waste in an environmentally-friendly way. Why? Because more than 30 percent of the…

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Solar panels

The Future of Home Furnaces

One of the original furnaces, the Franklin Stove, was invented for energy-efficiency. Benjamin Franklin, who knew a little something about both heat transfer and electricity, realized that by replacing a wall fireplace with a cast-iron furnace in the middle of the room, heat could be more efficiently distributed throughout a room. It was a revolution,…

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Solar Panels Closeup

Go Green with Solar Panels

Few projects in the home improvement sector are greener than solar panel installation. After all, our reliance on fossil fuels can be blamed on everything from skyrocketing home heating and cooling costs to the potentially devastating effects of global warming, making it clear that anything a homeowner can do to reduce our dependency on non-renewable…

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Laminate Kitchen Counters

Going Green: Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops present an interesting dilemma for homeowners looking to go green. In truth, there are more eco-friendly options out there when it comes to countertop materials. Laminate countertops can contain high levels of adhesives, sealers, and other sources of potentially harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that get released into your indoor environment. On the…

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Hydronic Heating System

Choosing Green: Boilers and Radiator Heating Systems

Boiler and radiator heating systems are already green in many respects, since they are one of the cleanest heating systems around when it comes to fostering good indoor air quality— a big plus in green remodeling circles. Nevertheless, your system can still benefit from going green, especially when it comes to reducing your home boiler…

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close-up of wood deck with steps and patio furniture

Going Green with Decks, Patios, and Porches

Outdoor living areas are one of the greenest additions you can make when it comes to remodeling your home. After all, what’s greener than creating a space that allows you to spend more time outdoors appreciating and enjoying nature? Furthermore, from a green remodeling standpoint, outdoor living areas are prime candidates for green building practices,…

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