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Green Air Conditioning

When it comes to systems in your home that are decidedly un-green, air conditioning ranks pretty near the top of the list. According to the Rocky Mountain Institute, air conditioning accounts for nearly 50 percent of the energy use in the United States during peak summer months, and air conditioning is responsible for nearly 100…

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Green Kitchen Remodels

Kitchens are an excellent candidate for homeowners who look to “green” their home improvement projects. For starters, kitchen remodels tend to be large undertakings, and since the greenest remodeling project is one that starts from the ground up, they provide homeowners with the opportunity to incorporate a wide range of green alternatives into the overall…

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Green home exterior

Going Green in Your Home

Modern society offers humanity many benefits, such as longer lifespans and unprecedented levels of comfort and leisure. However it also has a downside, in the form of pollution. Factories and power plants are major causes of pollution, but people’s homes also contribute to the problem. When homeowners and residents take action to reduce their own…

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Green grass

Go Green at Home! For Kids & Adults

Going green is not just some kind of catch phrase that people around the world are using: It is a real way to save the planet’s environment and save your family money as well. Most people do not realize how financially beneficial it can be to learn how to recycle or conserve energy. By following…

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Wind turbine

Going Green in Denver

Denver, Colorado works daily to innovate private and public sectors to keep the environment green and glowing. Governor John Hickenlooper’s promise to plant a million trees in the city by 2025 will add more oxygen and increase the urban landscape. Denver International Airport is one of the greenest airports in the United States.

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Reducing Waste for Kids
Xeriscaped front yard

Xeriscaping: Environmentally Wise Landscaping

Xeriscaping is a landscaping term that refers to the practice of planting native plants, shrubs, and trees to reduce maintenance, water usage, and upkeep. It is most popular in the Western United States, where recent drought and water shortages have highlighted how wasteful keeping non-native species alive can be when it comes to sucking up…

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Green Windows

Few home improvements do more for your home from a green perspective than installing new, green windows. Poor windows can heat up your home like an oven in the summertime, and they can account for as much as 25 percent of your home’s heat loss in the winter. On the other hand, energy-efficient windows and…

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Green Flooring: Vinyl and Linoleum

In most remodeling circles, vinyl and linoleum share a reputation as quality options for homeowners looking for an economy flooring solution. In green remodeling circles, however, there is a clear frontrunner. Natural linoleum is a superior product in just about every facet, including health, longevity, and durability. Vinyl, on the other hand, has some significant…

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Ceiling fan with air vent

Going Green with Fans and Ventilation

One of the greenest areas of home improvement continues to be one of the most natural. Whether you’re looking to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home, or are more concerned with the health benefits of going green with home ventilation, this green guide from HomeAdvisor is here to help.

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