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Geothermal heat pump

A Geothermal Heat Pump Lets Earth Do the Work

A geothermal heat pump is a form of residential heating and cooling that utilizes the relatively stable temperature found beneath the ground to heat and cool your home. It’s a form of heating that’s been around for generations but is just now catching on as green building practices and sustainable construction gain momentum in the…

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Lit-up house on a hill

5 Green Home Improvements You Can Take to the Bank

With talk of energy shortages, endangered species, and global warming dominating national headlines, it’s easy to forget that going green with home remodeling is as good for your wallet as it is for the rainforest. Here’s a list of 5 green remodeling projects that are good for the earth and save you cash at the…

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Green bathroom

Green Plumbing

When it comes to going green, few aspects of your home have more potential than your plumbing. Greening your plumbing can reduce home energy costs, improve your home from a health perspective, and it’s easier on the environment. If those improvements sound like something you’d be interested in, then read on to find out what…

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Heating cooling

Environmental Heating and Cooling Ideas

The common definition of “Green” or environmental building/systems is that they do one or more of a few things. A Green product is one that doesn’t destroy earth-bound materials such as trees or natural gas. A product qualifies as Green if it does not pollute or only minimally pollutes the environment over its lifespan. Any…

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Green appliances

Green Appliances

Whether you’re upgrading the appliances in your current home, or purchasing and installing appliances in a new home, appliances offer homeowners the chance to improve their quality of life, save money on utility bills, and do right by the environment, all in one easy step. If you’ve been searching for a no-nonsense guide to purchasing…

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Home roof solar panels

Going Green with Solar Panels in the Home

Global warming has become a hot topic and is often the driving force behind the need to find alternative sources of energy. Even people who are not overly concerned about environmental issues look to alternative energy as a way to fuel their homes more efficiently. Solar energy has become one of the popular ways to…

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Compost piles

Composting and Landscaping at Home

Healthy trees, a beautiful lawn and a fertilized garden can all help boost your home’s curb appeal and create an idyllic outdoor space. Composting and landscaping are important parts of this process. On this page, explore how you can get your own compost started – plus, how the pros can take your yard and garden…

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Home energy panels

Home Energy Conservation for Kids

Energy is very important. It is something that kids need and use every day at home and at school. In fact, some form of energy is used just about anywhere that you can imagine! It is also something that adults talk, worry, and have concerns about. One of the things that they worry about is…

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Glass recycling

Environmental Home Remodeling: Recycling and Composting

In the United States, approximately 70% of everyday waste is recyclable. Of this 70%, Americans only recycle about 30%. This means that more than half of the waste that could be recycled in one way or another is instead ending up in landfills across the country. Landfills are quickly becoming overfilled with waste that cannot…

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