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Pet Doors Create Pathways to Convenience

Have you become a servant for your pet, always opening and closing doors for them at their beck and call? If you’re gone for the day, do you worry about the condition of your carpets until you get back home? When you’re in the middle of running errands and hanging out with friends, do you…

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Handyman or Specialist?

Should You Hire a Handyman or a Specialist?

Sometimes, it’s tough to know who to call for help with your home projects. Contractor laws vary from state to state, but this handy guide will help you decide whether to start with a handyman or a specialized contractor.

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Handyman tool belt

Common Small Repair Questions

Loose banisters, rotted steps, a door that won’t latch — these little problems are often the biggest headaches for homeowners. Contractors don’t seem interested in returning calls for small handyman repairs, let alone actually making the repairs. Many people used to rely on some nice, retired fellow down the block who was happy to make…

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Staining a deck

Do It Yourself Tips for People Who Think They’re Handy

So you think you’re pretty handy, huh? You have fixed some plumbing problems and serviced your air conditioner, and now you’re ready for a larger project like laying tile, putting on a new roof or building your own fence. More power to you. Be careful! Sometimes DIY projects gone bad can cost more than just…

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Home repair tools

Small Home Repairs: Who Should You Call?

If you are like most of us, there are a number of small home repairs you’d love to take care of but can never seem to find the time to do. Unfortunately, many small home repairs are likely to turn into big service bills if left unchecked. However, there is a solution! If you don’t…

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Caulked windows

Caulking Windows

Caulking windows is one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Below you’ll find a list of potential areas where leaks occur, some surefire ways to test whether leaks are present, as well some basic rules for how to go about improving your home’s energy efficiency with…

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Handyman for small repairs

Preparing to Hire a Handyman for Small Fixes

Loose banisters, a hole in a wall, a closet door that doesn’t shut right, a rotted board in the back porch. These are the tiresome little problems that can drive a homeowner crazy. In days long gone, we all knew a local handyman who we could call to fix such small, tedious problems. Changing Times…

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Handyman tools

Breaking News: Handyman Services Save Homeowners Money!

Whether you’re standing around the water cooler, talking shop in the garage or sipping wine at a dinner party, there’s a lot of talk these days about which home remodeling projects are a good investment and which ones are best left for better economic times. That said, the smartest choice for you, your home and…

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Child gate

Childproofing Basics

These days homes seem to have a great many potential dangers for young children. Follow these simple steps to ensure your child’s safety: 1. Tall lamps or anything taller than your child that can be pulled over should be taken out of the child’s environment or be blocked off with furniture so that your child…

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Door weather stripping

The Benefits of Weather Stripping

Many older homes, and even some newer ones, have numerous little cracks, holes and spaces through which warm air escapes during the winter, and unwanted hot air enters during the summer. All these little drafts of air end up costing you big money in the end. You set your thermostat higher in the winter and…

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