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Comparing the Pros and Cons of a Whole-House Fan and an Attic Fan

Photo: yurmary / Adobe Stock Whole-house and attic fans are two ventilation systems with common goals in mind, cool the home and help lower your energy bill. But each system takes a different approach to cool the home. Learn more about the pros and cons of each, right here. On This Page: What’s the Difference…

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Solar Energy: Common Questions & What to Ask When Hiring Installers

Need a Solar System Contractor? A solar energy system is a big investment. It’s important to find a quality contractor for your product selection and installation. As intimidating as that seems, with the right information, you can make the best decisions for your home, your energy needs and your wallet. In this guide, we answer…

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How to Install Attic & Whole House Fans

On This Page: How to Install an Attic Gable Fan Replacing Roof Vent Exhaust Installation Best Place to Install How to Install a Whole House Fan DIY vs. Hiring a Pro Attic Gable-Mounted Fan Installation Gable-mounted installations are the simplest to perform, especially if there is already a gable vent in place. You or your…

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The Biggest Differences Between Boiler Radiators and Furnaces

Photo (left): oasisamuel / Adobe Stock Photo (right): Olga / Adobe Stock Reviewed by Jeff Botelho, Licensed Journeyman Plumber.Written by HomeAdvisor. Furnaces and boilers are the two most common heating systems in many American homes today. There’s a widespread misconception that the two terms mean the same thing, but this isn’t true. While both serve…

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Heat Pump vs. Air Conditioning: What Is the Difference?

Left/Top: Photo: V. J. Matthew / Adobe Stock Bottom/Right: Photo: saje / Adobe Stock If you’re wondering which heating or cooling system wins the debate, there are several points to consider when comparing a heat pump versus AC. The biggest difference between air-conditioning and a heat pump is that a heat pump is for heating…

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How to Choose the Best Smart Thermostat for Your Home

Cold weather is just around the corner, bringing higher energy costs for many homeowners, especially if fuel prices skyrocket the way they did last year. A smart thermostat is one of the best ways to keep these costs in check. The device replaces the traditional thermometer on your wall, and enables you to program your…

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Outdoor Misting System

Mist Cooling Systems Provide Outside Air Conditioning

During those dog days of summer, the thermostat of your home almost always reads hotter than the outdoor temperature. Therefore, your air conditioning basically runs non-stop in order to keep the inside nice and cool. But what about outside the house? What if you want to lounge on the deck or barbecue on the patio…

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Solar panels

The Future of Home Furnaces

One of the original furnaces, the Franklin Stove, was invented for energy-efficiency. Benjamin Franklin, who knew a little something about both heat transfer and electricity, realized that by replacing a wall fireplace with a cast-iron furnace in the middle of the room, heat could be more efficiently distributed throughout a room. It was a revolution,…

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