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How to Hire a Property Manager

Hiring a property manager or a property management company for a rental property you own isn’t an easy choice. You’re entrusting your property to a professional and you’ll want to know you’ve made the right choice. This guide covers everything from the differences between the management companies and sole proprietors, questions you should ask, what…

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How to Hire a Construction Project Manager

Hiring a Residential Construction Manager Hiring a construction manager takes a lot of the hassle out of building a home or completing a major remodel. Commercial projects use construction managers to oversee the day-to-day and logistical activities like coordinating material delivery, organizing laborers and more. Occasionally, they’re hired on to do projects for single-family homes….

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Senior home painters painting the walls in client's apartment

How to Find and Hire Painters (Plus 10 Questions You Should Always Ask)

How to Hire Painters & Questions to Ask If it’s your first time hiring a painter, this guide walks you through research, which questions to ask and what to expect at a site visit. Finding a good painter for your project only takes a little preparation. Check out HomeAdvisor’s directory of local painters when you’re…

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handy homeowner looking for a contractor online

How to Find and Hire a Good Contractor

Hiring a reliable contractor is a great way to ensure that your home project goes well and turns out exactly how you want. There are several ways you can find a quality pro at an affordable price. From asking questions about insurance and experience, to paying with a credit card, here’s a look at how…

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Head Off Common Construction Problems

What are some common construction problems and how do I solve them? The most common problems that homeowners experience on remodeling projects are cost overruns, missed deadlines, and results that don’t match their expectations. And almost every time, such problems stem from miscommunication. One of the best ways to avoid construction headaches is to get…

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Plumber fixing a kitchen sink
Working with a general contractor
creating an agreement with a contractor
general contractor at site in residence

What is a Construction Manager vs. General Contractor?

What is Construction Management Construction management is professional planning, implementation and oversight of a home building or improvement project, including: Pre-construction development of schedule and budget with design architect Hiring and leading teams of supervisors, subcontractors and general contractors Monitoring of budget and schedule throughout process On-site supervision and oversight of progress and quality Safety…

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contractor lays pavers on patio

How to Choose a Concrete Contractor

Looking for Concrete Workers for Your Home Project? The versatility of concrete has caused both contractors and homeowners to turn to it as a primary building material. Driveways, patios, floors, and other flatwork remain the most popular types of installations. Meanwhile, concrete staining and other decorative projects are becoming more popular. As demand has grown, finding…

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