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Arsenic test

What Do I Do if My Drinking Water Has Arsenic?

What is arsenic? Arsenic is a semi-metallic element. It occurs naturally in the earth’s crust and, therefore, in our soil, drinking water, and food. Traces of the element are normal, but human activity can increase arsenic amounts to an unhealthy level. In the past, arsenic was a component in pesticides used on food, animal feed,…

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Mature carpenter experiencing back pain while checking wood plank in his workshop

How to Create a Comforting Home Atmosphere for Survivors of Abuse

For a victim of abuse to leave their current situation, they must have a safe place to go. While the proverbial roof over their head may be enough in the short term, a truly welcoming space designed with your guest’s needs in mind can help facilitate the transition from victim to survivor. Abuse of any…

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Woman who appears to be sick and resting on her couch
happy parents teaching children at home

Guide to Room-by-Room Repairs for Easy Accessibility for Disabled Loved Ones

Across the globe, there are more than a billion people living with a disability. From mobility issues to cognitive impairment, disabilities affect many people’s lives, whether by living with or loving someone who is differently-abled. Would you like to have your home professionally remodeled to adapt to your loved one’s needs? Are you considering tackling…

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Woman relaxing with coffee among painting supplies

Wellness and DIY Home Repair: Safety and Self-Care for the Most Common DIY Injuries

Self-care isn’t just spa days and staycations. Self-care is about more than occasional relaxation. It’s about overall wellness and creating a routine that prioritizes your mental and physical health. That’s why it’s an important practice for everyone, especially DIYers. The truth is: no one is immune to the consequences of ignoring their well-being. If you’re…

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Disaster preparation kit. Items needed for disaster preparedness

The Ultimate Guide to Earthquake-Proofing Your Home

If earthquakes are common in your area, you know they can’t be predicted. There’s no time to brace your belongings or evacuate. That’s why it’s so important to prepare yourself — and your home — in advance and as best you can. Prepare Your Emergency Kit Start by packing an earthquake kit. Keep one at…

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Senior man makes home improvement with new paint
Cropped image of woman smoking while sitting against man on sofa at home

Keeping Kids, Pets, and Seniors Safe from Cigarette Smoke at Home

There’s no sugar coating it — smoking cigarettes is bad for your health. The combination of poisonous chemicals you inhale when you smoke tobacco increases your risk of myriad negative consequences, from wrinkly skin to lung cancer. In other words, every time you light up, you increase your risk of damage, disease, and death. But…

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What Do I Do if My Home has PCBs?

What are PCBs? PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) are 209 human-made, organic chemicals. Each chemical variation contains carbon, hydrogen, and chlorine. The number and location of the chlorine atoms in the PCB molecule determine the specific PCB compound, known as a congener. Flame resistance, chemical stability, a high boiling point, and electrical insulation made them versatile and…

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