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11 Alexa Routines to Optimize Your Home Life

Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant has emerged as a practical home appliance in recent years. Homeowners can use it to help build useful routines around the home to seamlessly automate tasks that streamline and improve your home life. Although you can take advantage of pre-set Alexa Routines, you can customize them to fit your household’s specific…

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Mother and child working on the computer together at the dining room table

Cybersecurity Tips to Help Keep Your Home Safe

These days, our world operates online more than ever before. From remote work to video games and even smart home technology – there’s no denying that the internet is becoming an engrained part of our day-to-day lives. But with these changes come issues of privacy, cybersecurity and computer safety that can be difficult to navigate….

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smart screen with smart home with modern bathroom
Woman using smart home screen

Five Features of the Home of the Future

Future casting is good fun, but the American home actually evolves quite slowly over time. Even revolutionary innovations, like indoor plumbing and central heating, took decades to reach full adoption. And so, when we put on our futurist’s cap and imagine how homes will change in the next ten to fifteen years, the truth is…

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Man using digital smart home tablet on the couch

The Next Big Things in Smart Home

By the year 2022, the sale of smart home devices in the U.S. is expected to top 520 million units. Considering that a few years ago, before the age of Alexa, most Americans had little to no connectivity in their homes, that’s a pretty meteoric growth rate. So what will the smart home look like…

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Kohler Smart Mirror presented at CES 2019

5 Smart Home Trends Straight from CES 2019

The integration of technology into the home has been going on for decades, but it’s kicked into high gear in the last few years, thanks to the boom in connected devices, from thermostats to door locks to smoke alarms. As we roll into 2019, the smart home trend is only going to intensify, a fact…

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Video camera in the intercome

The Benefits of Installing a Smart Doorbell

If you’re not sure where to get started with your smart home, try beginning at your front door with the installation of a video doorbell. The device is loads of fun — allowing you to greet visitors from the office or other remote locations – and is easy to install and incredibly practical to boot….

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New to Smart Home Technology? Start With Security And Safety.

Smart home technology is now everywhere you turn, from home centers to the home page of your favorite online retailer. And that’s great if you’re a whiz with technology — but for the rest of us, knowing where to begin can be a challenge. New to smart home technology? Here are two great places to…

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Aging in place

4 Smart Home Hacks to Help You Age in Place

Hoping to stay in your home forever, no matter your age or ability? Technology — more specifically smart home technology — is becoming a big part of the Aging in Place holistic home improvement strategy that allows you to do just that. “We’ve seen a huge uptick in business as more people look for technology…

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Smart speakers hidden in the ceiling in home in Brooklyn, New York.

Incorporating Smart Home Technology Into an Historic Home

I’ve written about home remodeling and design for decades. But the renovation of a nineteenth century Brooklyn brownstone, — my home, where I live with my wife and kids — was my first chance to put that knowledge and experience to a personal test. Our goal was to create an elegant home that would also…

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