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5 Home Security Essentials

Security is a concern for all homeowners. Whether you’re looking for rock-solid safety or a little peace of mind, it’s never too late to give your property the protection it needs. Here’s a look at five top-performing home security features. #1 Security systems Security systems vary in cost and available features. If you’re working with…

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Wood gate

Gate Openers: Closing the Gap from Afar

Having to get out of the car and open a gate manually, when all you want to do is come or go, can be a hassle. So, those who already have a gated driveway are most likely familiar with the benefits of having an automatic gate opener. If you are looking to install a driveway…

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Security Camera at a Home

Video Security Cameras: Why Everyone Should Have Them

In modern America, most of us (especially city dwellers) are getting used to the idea of video surveillance cameras watching what we do in stores, at work, and even at traffic lights. It’s no surprise, then, that home security cameras are becoming an increasingly popular way for homeowners to keep tabs on their property. Whether…

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Bedroom aquarium

The Home Aquarium: Sleep with the Fishes

Pets, like many things, can be a double-edged sword. They’re lovable, sometimes fuzzy, and a lot of fun to watch. A pet can also be loud, messy, and down right destructive. The addition of a home aquarium is a good way to have a pet, but save your carpet and furniture. Wall Aquariums Most fish…

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Kitchen aquarium

More than a Fishbowl: Custom Home Aquariums

Few things are more rewarding for a homeowner than combining one of their hobbies or passions with home improvement. If you love fish and marine life, you should install a home aquarium that will help you share this passion with your friends and family. A small rectangular aquarium is fine for your kid’s goldfish, but…

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Security cameras

Home Alarm Installation: Keep your Family and Property Safe

A safe home is a happy home. The peace of mind that comes from having a security system in place is becoming ever more important for today’s homeowners. Due to this trend, residential alarm installation is growing in popularity, and there are many options now available for non-commercial properties. Alarm Installation Basics Today, the delicate…

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Surveillance camera

Surveillance Equipment

Today, installing residential surveillance equipment is an increasingly popular facet of home security systems. While some might feel like having cameras placed around their home is going a little overboard, there’s a reason why commercial businesses, government buildings, and ATMs are fitted with security cameras: They not only work, but also provide a powerful deterrent….

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Bedroom TV Ideas

Bedroom TV Advice & Design

Long ago, in what seems like a galaxy far away, it was common for families to have only one TV. I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s true. In fact, it was the centerpiece of most homes. But today, since TVs are getting cheaper by the minute and technological advances have revolutionized the medium itself,…

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