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art deco america

Art Deco America

Art Deco was a glamorous European design style that grew out of the waning Art Nouveau movement in the first decades of the 20th century. Manifesting through new trends in architecture and interior design, the movement perfectly captured the spirit of the age: hope, progress and jazz! Naturally, when Art Deco made it across the…

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Woven baskets and food jars in pantry with built-in shelves

20 Farmhouse Decor Ideas – From Shiplap to Eucalyptus

Store your farmer’s market goods openly on your counter, island or gathering table. Fill a piece of glassware with contrasting fruit. Leave a fresh loaf of bread on a wooden cutting board. Find these ideas and more in HomeAdvisor’s Guide to Farmhouse Decor.

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Woman Looking at Price Tag of Chandelier
the sitcom sofa

A Visual Compendium of Sitcom Sofas

The sofa, as television producers have long known, is the perfect sitcom prop. It can form the center of a studio stage, symbolize family values, or create a mirror image of the viewer at home. In some sitcoms, the sofa is so important that it is a star in its own right. The classic sitcom…

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Young couple worrying about renovation of their apartment.

Remodels & Home Improvement Projects Homeowners Regret

Between trying to save money and customizing a home to their exact lifestyle, homeowners can make some big mistakes. Whether they decrease resale value, go way over budget, or increase maintenance costs some renovations are just, well, awful. Here are seven projects that homeowners often regret. 1. Making A Bedroom Into A Closet Most of us dream of a big…

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floor plans for garages where companies were born

The Floor Plans of 4 Garages where Billion-Dollar Companies were Born

Every company has to start somewhere and even the biggest corporations in the world were once a couple of college buddies tinkering in somebody’s garage. It’s incredible to imagine the likes of Disney and Apple as ever being that small, but the likes of Walt Disney and Steve Jobs were just dreamers with a plan….

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