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If 7 Film Directors Designed Your Bedroom

Redesigning your bedroom? What better place to look for inspiration than from your favorite movies, directed by some of the most renowned filmmakers of our time? Each of the below directors is known for their visual style and celebrated for designing unforgettable spaces. If you want a unique bedroom inspired by the movies, these designs…

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Couple watching movie at home

Create an Affordable DIY Home Theater

You’ve got that unused space in the basement that’s become a storage area. Why not use it for something that will bring happiness to everyone in your home by converting it into a home theater? If the potential cost of a home theater has you thinking it’s not possible, take note: Home theater components are…

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your own home from around the world

Build Your Own Home From Around the World

Ever heard the phrase “make a house a home?” We wanted to explore what truly makes up the home by deconstructing different houses from around the world, paper model style. Think back to your childhood. Did you ever cut out your own little village? Bring back those memories with our series of photo manipulations, and…

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Cozy home. Candles, book and a cup of tea
woman in small, crowded but organized condo

Condo Renovation Considerations to Save Space

Is your condo feeling more cluttered than cozy? Are bulky furnishings and wasteful walls swallowing up your space? Tiny condo living is on the rise in urban spaces, often giving homebuyers only a few hundred square feet to work with. Even larger condo owners can quickly find themselves pressed for room. Luckily, you don’t have…

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nice patio at a home in the woods

2017 Top Deck Designs for Remodeling the Perfect Entertaining Space

A modern, renovated deck combines beauty and function to create the perfect entertaining space for family and friends. And for many families, being together means eating together. However, gone are the days of single purpose outdoor dining decks. The top deck designs of 2017 offer space for a plethora of activities, from hosting parties to…

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frameless shower in modern bathroom

10 Walk-In Shower Design Ideas

A new walk-in shower can revitalize a bathroom and a morning routine. Getting to this point, though, requires creativity, strategy and inspiration. Before starting this home project, it’s important to consider the bathroom’s layout as well as your personal style. This gives way to seemingly endless possibilities for the shower’s shape, structure, materials and fixtures….

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9 Low-Maintenance House Plants for Every Room

Houseplants are amazing. They can add color, life and fresh air to any room of your home. Put the wrong plant in the wrong place, though, and you could soon find it dying. How are you supposed to know what houseplants will thrive in what rooms? These little potted plants are meant to be easy…

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Satellite style image of a safe looking family neighborhood

How to Find the Best Neighborhood in Your City

While there are plenty of ways to modify your new home, your neighborhood is going to come mostly as is. As an outsider, it’s difficult to tell which communities will be a good fit for you or your family. This can get even trickier if you’re shopping from a distance. Whether you’re looking for an…

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Dog home alone on the bed

Pet Safety: Leaving Your Dog or Cat Home Alone

When we go to work or school and leave our pets for the day, many of us wonder just what we’ll come back home to. As soon as the front door closes, bored, stressed, nervous, young or curious pets start howling, chewing, peeing or clawing. If your cat or dog is untrained, it can mean…

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