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Bathroom Design Trends

Bathroom Remodeling Trends

The most prevalent bathroom trend is simple enough—bigger and better. Bathroom remodeling remains one of the most common home improvement projects, and there’s no end in sight. These remodels can include knocking out walls to create more space. New home construction is continually upping the ante for bathroom size. Similarly, bathroom design is about maximizing…

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Tiny House Movement - Is It Right For You?

The Tiny House Movement: 5 Reasons You Might Want a Tiny Home

The average American house has doubled in size from a generation ago, but a recent worldwide micro-trend is moving in the other direction — toward serious shrinkage.
These new diminutive domiciles appeal to empty nesters as well as those looking to cut back on their carbon footprints and save money.

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Top States for Home Remodeling

Top States for Home Improvement

Spending on home improvement products in the U.S. hit $303 billion last year, so it’s clearly a major topic on homeowners’ minds. But to get a better look at just what kind of renovations are being made across America (and who cares the most about these renovations), we used Google Trends and HomeAdvisor data to…

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2015 True Cost Report

2015 True Cost Report & Homeowner Insights

When deciding whether to ditch the hammer and hire a professional for a home project, homeowners unfailingly ask themselves: “What’s it going to cost?” HomeAdvisor helps answer that question with True Cost Guide.

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