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Survey: 1 in 4 Americans Severely Underestimate This Home Improvement Cost

AleksandarNakic/E+ via Getty Images With extra time spent at home during the pandemic, more Americans took an interest in fixing up or upgrading their houses.  In fact, average household spending on home services increased to $13,140, up from $9,080 in 2019. Did this increased activity lead to more informed homeowners when it comes to home…

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Mess and Stress: Survey Reveals How Dirty Homes Impact Well-Being

You know the old saying: Mess equals stress. While it may not always be that simple, we wanted to see what kind of effect a messy house had on people’s moods and well-being. Quite a lot, as it turns out. We recently surveyed more than 1,000 Americans about their experience keeping their homes clean, and…

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Who Rules the Renovation? How Couples Navigate Home Improvements

Over the last 18 months, many of us have spent more time at home than usual—a lot more. Homes became offices, schools, gyms, and art studios when stay-at-home orders took effect. This change had a big effect on the home improvement market as people took a closer look at their surroundings and imagined changes to…

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man cleaning glass window with text say8ing, "Home maintenance jobs we all avoid"

Are These the Most Disliked Home Maintenance Tasks in America? [Survey]

Buying a house is something many aspire to do, but maintaining it isn’t always as exciting. Once the rush of being handed the keys is over, many new homeowners have trouble getting accustomed to the time and dedication needed for upkeep. For this reason, we’ve surveyed 1,000 homeowners to learn more about their opinion (and…

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Celebrating the Spirit of Entrepreneurship with HomeAdvisor Small Businesses

Americans love the handcrafted, local, and small scale. While our nation’s big businesses are now household names around the globe, we still respect and love small businesses. And that respect and love includes the skilled craftsperson providing small batch goods and services. This is true for everything from craft made whiskey and handmade bags, to…

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Kohler Smart Mirror presented at CES 2019

5 Smart Home Trends Straight from CES 2019

The integration of technology into the home has been going on for decades, but it’s kicked into high gear in the last few years, thanks to the boom in connected devices, from thermostats to door locks to smoke alarms. As we roll into 2019, the smart home trend is only going to intensify, a fact…

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Sustainable architectural design of a cabin in the woods

Biggest Buzzwords in Housing Design for 2019

From rising energy costs to the aging population, seismic shifts throughout U.S. society are changing the way Americans think about housing. As we turn the corner into 2019, the final year in a decade that’s already seen massive change and disruption, we checked in with the pros at HomeAdvisor to identify the biggest buzzwords in…

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