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Front of dilapidated home with remodeling equipment in yard

How to Make a Fixer Upper Work For You

The prospect of buying a home for far less than it’s worth and then investing in necessary renovations seems like an ideal situation. However, if the minor repairs you are expecting transform into significant issues, your dream of owning a beautiful home can soon turn into a nightmare-inducing reality. Therefore, before getting too deep into…

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A rustic living room with a view of the Colorado mountains.

Which 5 States Had the Most Equity Gains in the Past Year?

In the past five years, the country’s homeowner equity has doubled – and this is driving billions of dollars’ worth of home improvement. But homeowners in which states are benefitting the most? According to a recent report from the mortgage data firm CoreLogic, five states stand out as the ones that have gained the most…

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A new roof on a home.

Why A New Roof May Cost You Zero Dollars (in the Long Run)

When a homeowner takes on a large home improvement project, they are generally doing it for their own benefit and enjoyment. And although they may anticipate the project will greatly increase the value of the home, most projects only add a small portion to the total. However, the best-of-all-worlds home improvement projects do exist –…

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A woman in a grey shirt turns on the television with her smart phone.

Three Hidden Benefits of Installing Smart Home Technology

Why a smart home? In answering that question for consumers, the industry has focused on things like convenience, security, and comfort. Consider the results of a recent HomeAdvisor survey of smart home professionals: When we asked nearly 1,500 pros for the most common reasons they’re installing smart home technology, three responses rose to the top….

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A newly remodeled basement with a pool table

Why So Many Millennial Homeowners Are Remodeling Their Basements

Millennials are just starting to break into home ownership, but affordability is still a challenge. While dreams of owning their own home may have come true, many millennial homeowners may not have been able to put an offer on their dream home – and had to settle for an older home with some differed maintenance,…

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Luxury square bathtub in modern bathroom

Is a Spa Tub Worth the Investment?

A relaxing bubble bath should be a tranquil place to unwind at home. A spa tub can cost about $3,000 on average to install. Avoid buyer’s remorse in the bathtub, and make sure it’s the right choice for you. Cost & ROI Between the inconveniences listed below and the time commitment of filling and taking…

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Family home with patio and landscaping in the summer

Why the Home Improvement Industry is Worth Billions

The home improvement industry is big – and it’s only getting bigger. A doubling of the average homeowner’s equity in the past five years has stimulated steady growth, allowing home improvement spending to grow nearly twice as fast as the rest of retail. But how did it get to this point? And what’s in store…

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Heard at NAREE: Ugly Homes Transformed…for Profit

June 19, 2017NAREE, the National Association of Real Estate Editors, always attracts thought leaders and interesting speakers to their national conference in Denver, and last week’s was no exception. I wanted to share some points made by other speakers that I found to be of interest. Of particular interest to me was the panel of…

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Harvard Report: Takeaways and Further Thoughts

February 28, 2017 I just read the new report called “Improving America’s Housing: Demographic Change and the Remodeling Outlook” The Harvard Joint Center, as always, did a fantastic job summarizing the key trends and issues. Here are some of my takeaways and thoughts. Not One, but Two 900-Pound Gorillas (The Boomer and Millennial Generations) The…

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Downtown Denver CO

Top 5 Best & Worst Cities for Homeowner Happiness

Published February 2017 Happiness is important to everyone, so HomeAdvisor decided to see just how much a person’s happiness is influenced by where they live. The first-ever survey of its kind, the poll is a comprehensive look at the things that make people happiest about their homes and their communities. After looking at the results,…

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