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“Heard in the Halls” at KBIS

     January 20, 2017 Just back from KBIS (the Kitchen and Bath show in Orlando), and I was struck by how overwhelmingly positive and optimistic the mood was. I met three business owners who have businesses that are unable to keep up with all the requests they are getting for their home improvement services…

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White House

Home Improvement and the White House

January 3, 2017 The election of a new president can have both positive and negative effects on the economy — and on the home improvement industry in particular. There is a lot of uncertainty about what lies ahead no matter your ideology. Here’s a look at some possible scenarios. On the positive side, tax cuts…

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How to Think About the New Housing Data

November 17, 2016 The new data on housing starts just came out, showing a 25.5% increase in the month of October (seasonally-adjusted percent increase from September, which was revised upward). Although most of the improvement was due to a 74.5% increase in multifamily construction, single-family starts increased nicely as well (up 10.7%). I hasten to…

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Young Parent In Wheelchair With Baby Stroller In The Park

Parenting with Disabilities: A Guide to Home Modifications

There is no manual for how to be the perfect parent. There is a mountain of advice out there, with experts committed to theories and parenting styles backed by studies. In the real world, parenting isn’t more than the skill you learn from a book; it’s an intuition that comes from within. That’s what makes…

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Toilet Seat Battle of the Sexes

Home Habits & Preferences – Men vs Women

In a gust of good luck, you’ve finally found the perfect person to live with. Someone to share all the expenses and household chores. Things couldn’t get any better. Slowly, though, you start to notice little things – the thermostat has been set five degrees lower than you’d like, and a pile of dirty dishes…

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An empty birds nest

Becoming a Happy Empty Nester

Your last, or only, child has decided to leave the nest. Watching your son or daughter grow up and move out comes with mixed emotions that won’t go away overnight, but there are plenty of ways you can take care of your emotional health during this difficult transition. This guide will help you understand empty…

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Bathroom makeover

HomeAdvisor: July Kicks Off Busy Season for Bathroom Projects

  July kicks off the busy season for bathroom-related service requests, according to HomeAdvisor data. In fact, homeowners typically submit more service requests for bathroom remodeling projects in July than any other month of the year — with 48 percent indicating a readiness to hire immediately. The busy season generally lasts from July through September….

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Real Estate Prices Per Square Foot Across the US

Real Estate Affordability Across America – How Does Your City Stack Up?

May, 2016 Real estate prices are not only a key indicator of the health of the American economy, they’re also the gatekeepers to a key piece of the American dream: Owning our own homes. Interestingly, real estate prices vary greatly across the nation. This infographic offers a snapshot of the price-per-square-foot cost of real estate…

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Top 3 Kitchen Projects

The Top 3 Kitchen Projects: What the Pros Need to Know

Homeowners want to know about the most popular kitchen projects: installing a sink, installing new flooring and installing pre-fabricated cabinets, according to HomeAdvisor. Homeowners are completing more home improvement projects now than they were 12 months ago, HomeAdvisor reports. And they’re also carefully researching projects before diving in. Three-quarters of homeowners tackling a kitchen-remodeling project…

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Homeowners count on pros to know what's trending in bathroom remodels

Homeowners Count on the Pros to Know: What’s Trending in Bathroom Remodels?

Are you prepared to talk to homeowners about the latest trends in bathroom remodeling? You should be, says HomeAdvisor: More than 60 percent of homeowners seeking the help of a home services professional are ready to hire. And they’re most likely to hire a professional who can confidently present and discuss the latest trends related…

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