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9 Low-Maintenance House Plants for Every Room

Houseplants are amazing. They can add color, life and fresh air to any room of your home. Put the wrong plant in the wrong place, though, and you could soon find it dying. How are you supposed to know what houseplants will thrive in what rooms? These little potted plants are meant to be easy…

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Cute girl looking at model of house on table . Mixed media

Home Design-Inspired Activities for Kids

Home design is more than just color schemes and fabric swatches — it’s the blending of art and science, architecture and engineering, creativity and practicality. In other words, it is an incredible way to spark a child’s imagination while teaching them important skills like engineering, art and math. Designing a home, from planning square footage…

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How to Create a Meditation Room in 7 Steps

As meditation becomes more popular, many people are looking for ways to design a peaceful space in their own homes by creating meditation rooms. According to one study, people meditating globally increased 2,900% between March and September 2020. Converting a space in your home into a meditation room doesn’t need to be a pricey, time-consuming…

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child playing behind safety gates in front of stairs at home

Home Construction & Design Techniques for Child Safety

Whether you’re looking to buy or build a home, all prospective homeowners have their own laundry lists of wants and needs. Some are practical, like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms or the amount of square footage. If you happen to be a parent looking for your next home, there is one item that tops…

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Feng Shui Kitchen

Feng Shui in the Kitchen

Many American homeowners now know that Feng Shui is a Chinese style of arranging items in the home in order to create harmony. Literally translated as “wind-water”, the discipline of Feng Shui is gaining popularity around the globe not just with homeowners looking for harmony in their lives, but also with those who simply want…

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Modern Living Room

Modern Living Room Decor

Making the most of the space you’ve got is a common goal among homeowners; and no matter what kind of space you inhabit, it will likely have a living room. This room is meant for entertaining, but if it’s not up to your standards, it might be time to teach that old parlor some new…

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Textured Wall

3 Simple Ways to Transform a Room on a Budget

Interior designers know the quickest and most inexpensive way to dramatically change a room’s style is to attack those boring white walls. Sure, you could try painting the room a bold new shade, but the newest design techniques go a step further with drywall, faux painting, and nontraditional wall coverings. 1. Drywall Textures Once purely…

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Tasteful Bathroom

Kitchen Designers and Bathroom Designers Q&A

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important and most complicated rooms to remodel in a home. These rooms where families spend so much of their time merit attention because they have to be functional and pleasant. Remodeling an outdated kitchen or bathroom is not only a smart investment, but will also bring your family more…

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Designer Cabinets

Making Your Cabinets Work for You

Cabinets are built for storage, but are designed for decor. Their functionality should never mean they can’t also add to the decorative effect of a room. While they’re not impervious to scratching or wear, they are among the less abused fixtures of a kitchen or bathroom, allowing you to choose something other than the most…

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Modern Bathroom

The Hottest Trends in Modern Bathroom Design

In the past, the bathroom was thought of as a strictly utilitarian space. You get in, take care of your business and get out. But these days, savvy homeowners are taking another look at the bathroom and finding it’s a great place to bring quality of life into the home. Bathroom design these days blends…

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