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16 Organization Hacks for People With ADHD

If you have attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you may find it challenging to organize your home in a way that works for you. Luckily, whether you have been diagnosed with ADHD or not, this guide will show you how to eliminate clutter, establish a cleaning routine, and create a storage system to maintain a clean…

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mailbox outside a home

11 Letter Templates for Common Neighbor Situations

Being a good neighbor helps create connections and build community. When you and your fellow neighbors look for ways to strengthen relationships in your neighborhood, you form a warm, welcoming environment. In the busyness of life, you may find it difficult to carve out time to meet new neighbors and catch up with those you’ve…

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shelf of houseplants

Survey: The States With the Biggest Houseplant Obsessions

America loves houseplants and for a good reason. Indoor plants are an excellent way to brighten up a home’s interior design and studies have provided evidence that they may give us ample physical and mental health benefits, including improved air quality and reduced stress. But plant care is not always easy, and some people are…

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American house exterior

The Most Popular House Styles, According to Each State

Finding a home that’s perfect for you is not just about the right timing—it’s also about finding the right style. The popularity of certain house styles depends on various factors, from the region and climate to neighborhood and personal preference. Whatever the reason for their preferences, we wanted to determine the most popular house styles…

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Study: The Cheugiest Home Decor of 2022

Home decor trends come and go, but when are they officially past their prime or, dare we say, cheugy (pronounced chew-gee)? If you’ve never heard the term, it describes anything people generally feel is uncool, dated, or trying too hard. Things that have recently been dubbed “cheugy” include skinny jeans, avocado toast, and “live, laugh,…

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25+ Home-Related Projects to Entertain Every Age Group

If you’re working on a renovation project, it might be tempting to order pizza and set the kids up with a movie to keep them occupied. But why not let them get in on the action instead? Depending on their age group, you can involve your children in different aspects of renovation projects, from measuring…

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Entrance to master bathroom from the bedroom

Which Is Better: Pocket Doors or Barn Doors?

Photo: Allison / Adobe Stock Barn doors and pocket doors are space-saving sliding doors. Pocket doors are more unobtrusive, as they slide into a compartment inside the wall cavity. Barn doors, on the other hand, slide close to, but outside of, the wall. Let’s take a look at the other differences between these popular residential…

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woman drinking tea near fireplace

Electric vs. Gas Fireplace: Which Is Better for Your Home?

Photo: Emilija Randjelovic / iStock / Getty Images Nothing ties a room together like a warm, cozy fireplace. But what are your options if your home doesn’t already have a chimney? You could consider adding either an electric or gas fireplace. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so we’ll break down everything you need to…

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woman filling water bottle from tap

How to Choose a Water Filter for Your Home in 8 Simple Steps

Photo: baloon111 / iStock / Getty Images Do you know what’s floating in your tap water? In the United States, we often take for granted that water coming from the tap is safe to drink. Still, trace levels of germs, chemicals, and minerals make it into the water we use to drink, bathe and wash…

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A modern interior of a white bathroom

Comparing the Pros and Cons of a One-Piece and Two-Piece Toilet

Photo: ADDICTIVE STOCK / Adobe Stock Reviewed by Jeff Botelho, Licensed Journeyman Plumber.Written by HomeAdvisor. Integral to any bathroom, the toilet is available in many shapes and configurations. One-piece and two-piece toilets both perform well, although one-piece toilets are sleeker and more durable but also more expensive. Two-piece toilets are the more cost-effective option and…

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