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Open fridge filled with fresh foods

Kitchen Safety: Proper Food Storage

Food safety is an important issue that everyone should take seriously. Improper handling of food puts everyone at risk, particularly infants and children, pregnant women, individuals who have a chronic illness, and the elderly. A kitchen’s layout and organization can help or hinder proper food storage and safety, and this should be taken into account…

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4 Truths and a Garbage Disposal Lie

What can and can’t you put in your garbage disposal can be confusing. Use this quick guide to keep your disposal safe from clogging materials. Truth: Bread. Most bread won’t harm your disposal. But it’s important to avoid putting large amounts in at once. Lots of bread can retain moisture and cause clogs in your disposal…

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outdoor kitchen in tropical climate

Planning the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you’re lounging around the pool or telling stories around the fire pit, you love entertaining outdoors. So why wait? Now is the time to design and build that outdoor room you’ve dreamed about. But where do you start to make sure you have the best entertaining space? These tips will help you with project…

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Dad and daughter baking together in the kitchen.

Kitchen Safety: Cooking with Kids

When tackling food preparation chores in the home, safety is important to avoid cooking-related injuries or other hazards like kitchen fires. With a focus on safety and creativity, the whole family can enjoy spending time together while preparing healthy, delicious meals and snacks. Parents and children can spend enjoyable time together bonding as children learn…

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Remodeled White Kitchen

Kitchen Basics

When researching the going prices for kitchen remodeling, few homeowners will be left without a bit of sticker shock. The tens (or even hundreds!) of thousands of dollars that can go into a single kitchen renovation project can be daunting to say the least, but understanding where that money is going and what it’s likely…

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Woman grilling in front of an outdoor wood fireplace

Outdoor Kitchens: Wood Fire Cooking

Building outdoor kitchens to cook, dine and entertain has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years. While they’re more popular in warm climates, it is still possible to enjoy in regions with snowy winters. All you need is adequate preparation and protection as well as space to store the kitchen components while they are…

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Christmas Dining Table

Holiday Kitchen Prep

The problem with most of us is we are inflexible. Sure, we like to believe we would do the right thing, the most logical solutions. What is funny is during heavy times like the holidays, we wind up tripping over ourselves doing reckless things because we are afraid to change our systems. Here are a…

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Feng Shui Kitchen

Feng Shui in the Kitchen

Many American homeowners now know that Feng Shui is a Chinese style of arranging items in the home in order to create harmony. Literally translated as “wind-water”, the discipline of Feng Shui is gaining popularity around the globe not just with homeowners looking for harmony in their lives, but also with those who simply want…

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Space Saving Dishwashers

Compact and Counter Top Dishwashers: Save Space with Style

In many older homes and many apartments or condos, there is simply no room for a standard sized dishwasher. In these scenarios, a compact or counter top dishwasher is often the best product to provide the same convenience while taking up a minimal amount of space. Compact Dishwashers For those on the go, buying a…

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Backsplash Tile is Great for Kitchen Design

Backsplash tile is a unique little design function that caught hold a number of years ago and is a true nexus between design and function. While bathrooms are great places for just such a design, kitchen backsplash tile is a perfect way to keep water and foods off of your walls while also tying together…

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