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Los Angeles in the summer

The Dry Spell: Living in Los Angeles During the Drought

An area is experiencing a drought when drier-than-typical weather conditions last for a period of time and lead to related problems. A drought can occur when less rain than normal falls for a period ranging from weeks to even years. When this occurs, waterway and reservoir levels go down.

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A Guide to Hiking Around Phoenix, AZ

Arizona is known for its desert climate, mountain ranges, and many outdoor activities. Hiking, for example, is a common activity that attracts tourists and locals alike. Many of the most popular hiking destinations are near the city of Phoenix or within the Phoenix metropolitan area. When planning a trip to the Phoenix area, outdoor enthusiasts…

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Local History: Learn About New York City’s Subway System

When asked where we live, most often we don’t respond with a street address but a city or neighborhood. For residents of New York City the neighborhood in which they live can define their home and identifies most closely where it is that they truly live. From Chelsea to Soho, and from Hell’s Kitchen to…

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History at Home: The Boston Tea Party and Start of the Revolution

In the 1700’s, the colonies that were established by the British in North America were starting to become a growing area. The number of people that were coming over from England was increasing at a steady rate, and new settlements were popping up throughout the eastern coast of the new land.

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Railroad tracks outside of Stratford Texas.
Civil War Cannon
Denver home

Your Guide to Independent Home, Garden & Hardware Stores in Denver, CO

When Denver homeowners take on a remodeling project, they will have various parts and pieces for the project. To help homeowners in Denver save time on looking through various online sites yellow pages or a physical phone book for the right stores, we have compiled some of the top local businesses homeowners will need to…

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