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Home Binder Printables for Maintenance and Emergencies

Becoming a homeowner is something many people dream of, but home maintenance can feel overwhelming, especially when a new and unexpected situation arises. One way to manage your household is with a home management binder. Using a simple, three-ring binder, you can keep track of the things that affect your household with downloadable worksheets. From…

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Survey: 1 in 4 Americans Severely Underestimate This Home Improvement Cost

AleksandarNakic/E+ via Getty Images With extra time spent at home during the pandemic, more Americans took an interest in fixing up or upgrading their houses.  In fact, average household spending on home services increased to $13,140, up from $9,080 in 2019. Did this increased activity lead to more informed homeowners when it comes to home…

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Survey Reveals How Handy Americans Really Are

As a homeowner, all those tasks your landlord used to do—and your parents did before them—are now on your shoulders. You’ve either got to figure out how to do them yourself or pay someone else to do them. Either way, it would help if you knew how to do a few things around the house….

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Young woman repainting wooden chair on patio

20 Easy Home Improvements for Beginners

Considering the fact that you spend so much of your life at home, you owe it to yourself to make sure you create environments you enjoy and that support your well-being. Through a strategic blend of DIY tactics and help from service pros, you’re bound to strike the perfect balance to accomplish your goals and…

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20 Home Staging Statistics and Tips

A home stager’s job is to make your house look its best so it’s appealing to as many buyers as possible. Through strategic home styling and simple upgrades, home staging can make the home-selling process much easier and more lucrative. In a hot seller’s market where there are many prospective buyers, it might seem like…

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Why Is My House So Dusty? 5 Possible Solutions

Reviewed by Asya Biddle, Expert Cleaning Contributor. Even if you clean your house regularly, you may notice that it’s a struggle to keep dust at bay. It might be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t manage and reduce it. This article is for you if you regularly find yourself asking, “why is my house…

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For rent sign on front fence of house in upscale urban neighborhood. The house is for rent during the depths of the winter season
Man with gloved hands cleaning out leaves from a gutter

3 Basic Maintenance Projects You Can’t Afford to Forget

Home maintenance tasks are easy to forget. We take our dryers, smoke detectors, and roofs for granted until there is a problem. When done regularly, these three home maintenance tasks will save you money in the long run. 1. Clean your dryer duct Periodically cleaning your dryer duct helps your dryer work more efficiently. When…

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sealing an asphalt driveway with a brush

How to Coat, Reseal, or Repair Cracks in Asphalt or Concrete Driveways

Sealing asphalt and concrete driveways renews their look and helps combat corrosion and freeze damage. It can be an inexpensive DIY project that extends its usable life, saving you thousands in driveway replacement costs. In warmer climates that don’t see frost, it’s not always necessary to do much more than seal cracks and fill pits…

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