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Senior home painters painting the walls in client's apartment

How to Find and Hire Painters (Plus 10 Questions You Should Always Ask)

How to Hire Painters & Questions to Ask If it’s your first time hiring a painter, this guide walks you through research, which questions to ask and what to expect at a site visit. Finding a good painter for your project only takes a little preparation. Check out HomeAdvisor’s directory of local painters when you’re…

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Suburban house with grey siding and white trim

Most Popular Paint Colors for Your Home Exterior

Exterior Paint Color Best For Grays, whites, and other neutrals Selling your home, a classic look Blues Traditional homes, waterfront properties Bright, warm colors Cottage style homes Greens Homes surrounded by greenery Blacks and dark tones Accents and trims The best paint color for your house’s exterior highlights your home’s architectural features and complements its…

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Man painting wall with roller in the house

Best Interior Paint Colors & Timeless Hues to Sell Your House

Interior Paint Color Best For Whites and light neutrals Small rooms, kitchens, selling your home Blues Bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms Reds, Oranges, Yellows Kitchens, accent walls Greens Kitchens Pinks Foyers, dressing rooms, bedrooms Earthy tones Living rooms, selling your home The best paint color for your house’s interior walls or ceilings complement your decor and,…

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Proud woman painting house.

Best Paint for House Exterior

Choosing the best exterior paint for your home may seem like a daunting task. With different paint types and finishes, it’s important to understand the characteristics of each to find the best outdoor house paint for the surface you need to cover. Our guide helps you choose the best exterior house paint that will look…

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green geometric pattern on living room wall

Wall Painting Techniques

You know you want to do something interesting with your walls, but you’re not sure what. You’ve never liked the idea of wallpaper. Even the best wallpaper designs can get mixed reviews. Drywall texturing is playful but not for homeowners who put a premium on elegance. If you want something simple but not boring, looking…

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The Best Advice for Painting a Room

An open wall sits before you, just begging for a little color. Your hands are itching to grab a paintbrush and get started. As tempting as it may be to get the job done quickly, taking your time is exactly how the project will turn out the way you want it to. Rush through painting,…

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2020 Paint Colors of the Year

Each year, leading paint brands make their picks for the Colors of the Year, with hues chosen to complement everything from interior design trends to wellness and our connection to technology. They’re not just the colors you can expect to see on the cover of top home and garden magazines, but also the colors you…

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Powder coating of metal parts. A man in a protective suit sprays powder paint from a gun on metal products.

Powder Coat vs. Spray Paint: Differences in Durability, Cost & More

Powder coating and spray painting both provide excellent protection but it’s difficult to determine which one is best for certain circumstances. While there are many similarities between the two, they both have drawbacks and limiting factors. Here, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of both and the best applications of each method. On This Page:…

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powder coating in a studio

What is Powder Coating?

On This Page: What is Powder Coat Finish? What is Powder Coat Paint Made Of? What is Electrostatic Powder Coating? What is the Fluidized Bed Method? What Can Be Powder Coated? Appliances Powder Coated Metal Plastic Powder Coating Powder Coat Steel, Cast Aluminum & Metal Painting Process Powder Coat Spray Guns & Other Equipment Advantages…

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electrostatic painted metal appliances

Electrostatic Painting: Definition, Process, Sprayers & More

Electrostatic painting uses positively-charged paint particles from a specialized gun to coat grounded metal surfaces. Like a balloon clinging to a wall, it’s attracted to the grounded surface and will wrap around the component, such as a fence post. This results in an even coat with little overspray and waste. This process, used extensively in…

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