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Custom built home in progress

3 Things You Need to Consider Before Building a Home

Thinking of building the home of your dreams instead of buying one already on the market? Not so fast. There’s research to be done, and it’s vital to the success of your project. Consider these three things before planning out your dream home and affecting your financial security. Remember Your Resale Value While it’s important…

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outdoor kitchen in tropical climate

Planning the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you’re lounging around the pool or telling stories around the fire pit, you love entertaining outdoors. So why wait? Now is the time to design and build that outdoor room you’ve dreamed about. But where do you start to make sure you have the best entertaining space? These tips will help you with project…

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Home survival emergency kit for evacuation

Emergency Preparedness Checklist For Your Home

Protecting loved ones from injury is the top priority when a disaster strikes. A major event such as a storm or a fire generally brings a high degree of confusion and chaos along with it. It’s also common for items to be in short supply in the wake of a disaster. Stores often close because…

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Backyard Lake View

Checklist: Hiring a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Selling a home can be very stressful, but the right real estate agent can insulate you from many of those pressures. Here are some tips for enlisting a good agent: Hire an agent who is familiar with your neighborhood and the area sales activity. Decide on your priorities, quick sale, high offer, etc., and discuss…

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Interior Paint Preparation

Interior Painting Prep

For any home improvement project to be successful, you need proper preparation. There’s nothing worse than skipping a crucial step, taking multiple trips to the store, or making stupid mistakes because you’re in a hurry. The job will go faster if you simply take some time and make a thorough checklist. This is especially true…

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Painted Home Exterior

House Painting Tips

While homeowners often hope they can put off repainting their homes just one more year, such procrastination can end up being a costly decision in the end. An excessively wet winter, for instance, will increase paint failure, damage to siding, and internal water damage, that can require far more expensive repairs in the long run….

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couple painting the wall in living room

The Definitive Home Maintenance Checklist (+ Printables)

Photo: RgStudio / E+ / Getty Images Maintaining your home can feel like a full-time job. As chores change on a monthly and seasonal basis, it’s hard to remember everything that needs to be done. Keeping a regular home maintenance checklist and schedule will ensure that your house is in order year-round. Spending time each…

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Landscaped Seaside Yard

How to Find & Hire Landscape Contractors

Do You Need a Landscaper? Whether you want to transform your property or simply make sure it stays in good shape, you can benefit from working with a landscaper. To make sure you find the right professional for the job, this guide will help you prepare, research, and hire landscaping contractors. It will also provide…

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Wood Deck

Checklist: Interview Your Deck Builder

Considering adding a deck to your home? Ask your candidate the following questions to ensure you hire the right pro for the job: Questions about the builder: ☐ How long have you been building decks? Make sure your pro has experience constructing decks similar to yours. Smaller, single-level decks don’t require a master builder. But…

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Preparing Your Home for Worry Free Vacation
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