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Home With Curb Appeal

The Trick to Creating Lasting Curb Appeal

Spring is an ideal time to get outside and enhance your house’s curb appeal. It is prime house-hunting season, which means your neighborhood could encounter several “drive-bys” from interested homebuyers. Even if you’re not planning to sell, remodeling an exterior can help raise the overall market value of an entire subdivision. Plus, you always want…

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Single Story Home

How Do You Buy HUD Homes?

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) was established in 1968. It was originally developed to manage federal housing and community development programs. HUD incorporated numerous housing agencies and assumed administrative responsibility for them. One of these agencies was the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). Since 1971 the agency has been commonly known as…

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Open Area Bedroom

Preparing a House for Sale

Home sale preparation is an integral part of getting the best price for your property. No matter what the market’s like, the right prep work can make your house more appealing to potential buyers and give you an edge over other properties for sale in your neighborhood. As with any project, selling a home is…

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Second home

Second Houses and Investment Properties

Second homes are a great choice whether you’re looking for a summer retreat or an investment property. There is a laundry list of considerations to think about before making such a huge investment, however. Make sure you’re informed about all your options before you buy. A Smart Purchase There are two reasons most homeowners buy…

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Real Estate Prices Per Square Foot Across the US

Real Estate Affordability Across America – How Does Your City Stack Up?

May, 2016 Real estate prices are not only a key indicator of the health of the American economy, they’re also the gatekeepers to a key piece of the American dream: Owning our own homes. Interestingly, real estate prices vary greatly across the nation. This infographic offers a snapshot of the price-per-square-foot cost of real estate…

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Amazing Curb Appeal

6 Essentials to Maximize Curb Appeal

As you start spending more time outdoors this spring, no doubt your home’s flaws will become more visible. Get your home in shape now. Would new siding revive your home? Does your landscape date your home? Do you need a new roof? Maybe you just need a fresh coat of paint, clean or upgrade those…

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Remodeled Living Room

How to Recoup Remodeling & Addition Investments

When undertaking large remodeling and home addition projects, it is smart to research your local real estate market to find out if your project will return your investment when it is time to sell. Depending on where you live, the right project may return 100% of your investment. That is why research is the smartest…

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Home appraisal

4 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Appraiser

A real estate appraiser can do more than help you determine the value of your home and property. Here are four ways a solid real-estate appraisal can help in other areas: Settle your estate. A real estate appraiser can help you valuate your property. A clear understanding of your estate’s worth will help you organize…

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5 Steps to Prepare Your House for Sale

You want to sell your home for the best price. Start by enlisting a real estate agent and making a list of needed projects, to maximize the potential of your home. Use this list to determine what to do before listing your home for sale: 1. Enlist a Real Estate Agent An agent experienced with…

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staged for a sale

Preparing Your Home for the Market

Before you put your house on the market, set aside some time to spruce it up and maximize its sales appeal. Houses that are clean, uncluttered and in good repair sell faster. A few weeks prior to listing your house, do an inspection tour, trying to look at things through the eyes of a stranger….

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