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Home security

Home Security Systems

Home security is very important to peace of mind, and many factors go into determining how secure a home will be. Most people find home security issues confusing and end up spending money on measures that aren’t really effective or appropriate for their home. Here are the issues you should consider in making your home…

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Table grinder

DIY Home Safety Tips

Do-It-Yourself, or “DIY,” projects are a fun way to improve your home. By creating and modifying your living space, you are challenging yourself both creatively and functionally. It is very important before undertaking any type of DIY home improvement job to familiarize yourself with the safety risks associated with that project. These risks can come…

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Computer room

Is Your Home an Accomplice for Your Rebellious Teen?

Arguably, it’s never been harder to keep a teenager safe. Intensified social pressures and fewer boundaries between the home environment and the outside world have led to pitfalls the previous generation couldn’t even imagine. To avoid adding to these potential pitfalls, the design of your house and its amenities can have a substantial effect on…

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Security Camera

8 Steps to Better Home Security

Home security systems are only as strong as their weakest link, and if you set up equipment that’s too complicated for household members to use, they are likely to ignore the equipment or work around it. Remember that the people in your home are part of any security arrangements you make, so you have to…

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Preparing Your Home for Worry Free Vacation

Home Security Companies

Home security is something every homeowner should take seriously, and two of the leading home security companies out there are ADT and Brinks. You can’t really go wrong with either company, although one or the other may suit your particular home security needs better than the other. One thing is clear: Since you’ll want to…

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Storm shelter

Storm Shelters Give Respite from The Storm

Safe Rooms are underground structures built to provide a safe haven from severe weather conditions. These shelters, along with reinforced, above ground safe rooms, are often the difference between life and death in the event of a tornado or severe tropical storm. This fact alone makes this a home improvement addition well worth the money…

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Cable rails

Cable Rails Create Invisible Boundaries

Banisters are installed around areas of the home for a variety of reasons. They act as a supportive handrail for staircases, provide a bit of privacy around a patio, and supply some security measures on high-rise decks. So though they are often seen as ornamental or decorative, they also have a slew of practical purposes….

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Chimney Bombs

Chimney Bombs

This sounds sensational, but in fact it may much closer to the truth than many homeowners are willing to imagine. Residue from your hearth fire makes its way up your chimney and builds up on your flue over time. This residue, known as creosote, is responsible for the most intense and destructive fires that occur…

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Severe Thunderstorm Preparation

In areas that are prone to violent weather, thunderstorm preparation is an essential part of keeping your home and your family safe. Many people barely flinch when a severe thunderstorm arrives, assuming things will be fine, but storm damage is responsible for thousands of home repairs every year. Even the best preparation won’t guard against…

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