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Protecting Your Home from Burglars
Stairs leading down

Making Your Stairs Safe

Each year hundreds of people are killed and millions more are seriously hurt from fall-related injuries, and a significant number of these falls occur on the stairs of the person’s home. The elderly and small children are particularly at-risk. In fact, unintentional injury is the number one killer of children and the most common unintentional…

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5 Home Security Essentials

Security is a concern for all homeowners. Whether you’re looking for rock-solid safety or a little peace of mind, it’s never too late to give your property the protection it needs. Here’s a look at five top-performing home security features. #1 Security systems Security systems vary in cost and available features. If you’re working with…

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Lit fireplace

How to Keep Smoke Out of Your Home

Fireplaces are a cozy addition to any home. But they can sometimes result in a smoky living room. Here are a few tips to give you the warmth of a fire without the smell. The Cause:  Low-temperature fires don’t create the updraft needed to vent smoke up and out your chimney. If you’re just starting…

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Lightning storm

Lightning Protection

If you’re considering installing a lightning protection system, here’s a statistic to consider. According to data compiled by Westinghouse Electric Company, given an average location and exposure, a 50 ft. high building stands a greater chance of being struck by lightning once a year than a card player has of filing an ordinary flush in…

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Home pool

Pool Safety Products Protect, Prevent, and Rehabilitate

When it comes to keeping your pool area safe, nothing beats some old-fashioned parental supervision. Common sense basics always apply: don’t run on wet concrete, don’t drink-and-dive, don’t swim in bad weather, and as your parents always told you, wait thirty minutes after you eat. But even if these rules are followed, accidents can still…

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Security Camera at a Home

Video Security Cameras: Why Everyone Should Have Them

In modern America, most of us (especially city dwellers) are getting used to the idea of video surveillance cameras watching what we do in stores, at work, and even at traffic lights. It’s no surprise, then, that home security cameras are becoming an increasingly popular way for homeowners to keep tabs on their property. Whether…

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Unfinished panic area

The Safe Haven of a Panic Room

A panic room is a secure room built within a residence in which the homeowner can sequester themselves in case of danger until help arrives. More commonly referred to as “safe rooms” in the security industry, these rooms can be used to protect valuables and you and your loved ones from a variety of threats,…

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Driveway gate

Driveway Gates Add Grace, Security and Space

Driveway gates offer security, privacy, and elegance. They’ll prevent your child’s basketball from rolling out into the street, and unwanted salespeople from knocking on your door. With the majority of burglaries being moment-of-passion crimes, driveway security gates are also the best deterrent for home burglars—whether they hint at or actually include further security. Style, Space,…

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Child gate

Childproofing Basics

These days homes seem to have a great many potential dangers for young children. Follow these simple steps to ensure your child’s safety: 1. Tall lamps or anything taller than your child that can be pulled over should be taken out of the child’s environment or be blocked off with furniture so that your child…

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