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How to Stay Safe After a Hurricane

5 Critical Post-Hurricane Safety Precautions

It’s not necessarily over when the winds stop blowing. You’ll still need to take steps to ensure your safety. Continue listening to the radio for updates and other advisories and stay alert for reports on flooding and extended rainfall.

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Safety During a Hurricane

Hurricane Safety Tips

Knowing what to do when a hurricane is expected in your area can mean the difference between life and death. And it can mean the difference between minimal and severe property damage as well. Here’s what you need to know.

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How to Prepare for a Hurricane
Hurricane Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

Hurricanes for Kids – Safety Resources, Facts & Projects

Hurricanes are probably the scariest natural disaster you can go through. Even if you ask people who live where there are earthquakes, many will tell you that hurricanes are worse. Earthquakes strike and then they leave. Hurricanes let you know they’re coming and then they stay around for as long as they like, causing a…

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Tornado Safety Guide

Tornadoes (from the Latin tornare, “to twist or turn”) are destructive rotary funnel clouds. Born from powerful thunderstorms, they can wipe out a neighborhood in mere seconds. Wind speeds can reach 300 mph, and the path of devastation can be one mile wide and fifty miles long. Tornadoes usually form at the trailing edge of…

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Tornado hits village

Fun & Interesting Facts About Tornadoes For Kids

Tornadoes are scary, there’s no doubt about it. But if you learn how they form and what they’re all about, you can be better prepared if you and your family go through one. On This Page Tornado Definition What Do Tornadoes Look Like? How Do They Form? When & Where Tornadoes Happen History of the…

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Fire pit

Home Fire Pit Safety Precautions

  Homeowners are increasingly adding fire pits to their outdoor spaces. Fire pits are popular as they can be used year round, in hot and cold weather, as a gathering space. If you are considering adding a fire pit to your backyard, there are several things that need to be considered including location, budget, fuel…

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5 Post-Tornado Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

WAIT TO ENTER DAMAGED BUILDINGS Stay out of all damaged structures until local emergency officials have expressed that it’s safe to enter.   WEAR PROPER SHOES AND CLOTHING Wear long sleeves and pants – as well as gloves and work boots or sturdy shoes – to avoid injuries from stray nails and other hazardous debris….

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10 Essential Tornado Supplies For Your Survival Kit

Tornadoes can leave significant devastation — sometimes requiring you to survive without power, water and access to groceries and supplies for several days. Don’t be caught unprepared. Keep the following in your home in case of emergency:   WATER Keep a supply of at least three gallons per person for a three-day period for drinking,…

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Severe thunderstorm

Guide to Severe Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms hit areas across the United States from March to October every year — some producing a mix of wind and rain; others producing extreme cases of lightning, tornadoes and hail. Severe thunderstorms can be as dangerous as they are common. Being prepared will help you keep your home — and your family — safe….

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