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Hardie Board Siding

What You Absolutely Need to Know About Hardie Board Siding

What the heck is hardie board siding? You may not even know when a house is covered in it because it so effortlessly creates the look of wood or vinyl siding. However, this material is in fact constructed of cement fibers. This kind of cement board siding was invented over a century ago by James…

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Barn siding

Reasons to Use Barn Siding

They say that style is cyclical. Maybe that’s why recycled barn wood siding is one of the hottest materials in interior decorating today. Simply put, barn siding is wood that comes from the exterior of old barns that are no longer functional. When the barns are dismantled, the wood is carefully extracted, dried in a…

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Cedar Siding

The Benefits of Cedar Siding

When many people think of cedar as a construction material, they think of that warm smell of cedar closets, but cedar is also a terrific siding material for your home’s exterior. Cedar is one of the most durable softwoods, offering excellent noise abatement, insulation, and longevity. The Benefits of Cedar Cedar is a low-density softwood,…

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Wood siding

Wood Siding

Few sidings offer you the beauty, natural appearance, and great looks of wood style siding. Wood siding, whether it be wooden lap boards, cedar shingles, or tongue and groove siding, is one of the classiest, most natural looking, and attractive siding solutions on the market today. Wood Siding Design One benefit of wood siding is…

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Spray on Siding

Liquid Siding – Worth a Look?

Spray on siding is the siding solution you’ve been looking for if you never want to have to paint your house again. Made from a special mix of resins and polymers, liquid siding is a vinyl like compound that can be sprayed directly onto your home. It provides all the protection of paint and other…

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Siding installation

Siding Replacement: What to Expect

In most cases, if you want new siding attached to your house, the old siding will have to go, although in some situations metal siding can be applied right over the existing siding. If you have never seen what a home can look like during a siding installation, here is a list so that you…

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Masonite Siding Boards

Masonite Siding: A Strong Alternative

If your wood siding is swelling, cracking, or constantly needs repainting, then you may want to look into Masonite siding. Masonite boards are synthetically constructed from a mixture of wood fibers, wax, and other resins. As they are manufactured, these elements are bound together through a process of heat and pressure, fusing these components into…

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Siding Maintenance

How to Maintain Different Types of Siding

Most siding requires very little maintenance since it is designed to be in the elements, have trees and bushes brush up against it and the occasional baseball or football thrown on it. However, no matter what type of siding is on your home, there are some methods to keep your siding in good shape. Vinyl…

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exterior of home with vinyl siding and front yard

Popular Types of Siding for Your Home

Anne Kitzman – Your home’s siding influences curb appeal and resale value, and it can help or hinder when it comes to avoiding moisture and insect problems. The type of siding material you choose depends largely on what kind of climate you live in, as well as the style and age of your house….

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T1-11 siding

T1-11 Siding

T1-11 siding is a wood or wood-based siding product that reached its height of popularity in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s, when a more natural, wood-grained look was all the rage. Its widespread use has dwindled as other siding materials, including steel, aluminum, composite and vinyl siding have taken over the market. It is…

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